About Key Stage 5

The main focus in Key Stage 5 is to prepare our young people to be ‘ready for work;’ this includes furthering their education, preparing for college, apprenticeships, supported internships and work
placements. Students can stay in Key Stage 5 for 1, 2 or 3 years in years 12, 13 and 14. During this time we develop their academic, functional and life skills in preparing them for their next stage.

Life skills linked to employment, independent living, community and inclusion and health are at the forefront of our curriculum under the Preparing for Adulthood theme.

As the young people get ready to leave the Academy our priority is to ensure that they are able to show they have the vital skills to allow for the future opportunities available to them.

Support and guidance are the keys for students and their families in transition from Weatherfield
Academy to ensure they have the capacity to be as independent as possible in all areas.

The students build on all the skills they have learned during their journey at Weatherfield Academy and continue to develop them to the best they can, these include: -


  • Structured routine offering personalised learning to meet the needs of each individual student

  • Self-belief, confidence and self-esteem continued to be nurtured for all students

  • Managing emotions and feelings as our young people grow up is vital in self-development

  • We expect all students to ‘try their best’ at all times

  • We expect all students to be respectful to everyone around them

Principles of Key Stage 5

Core curriculum subjects include: -

English, Maths, ICT, PSHCE/SEAL, Careers and RE

Option subjects include: -

Health and Social Care/Child Care
Creative Arts including Dance, Drama and Art
College Café work experience
ASDAN including Employability and Personal Social Development (PSD)
Site maintenance
Life Skills and Cookery
Entry Level PE/Walking Football
Horticulture/Animal Care
Hair and Beauty
Duke of Edinburgh

Key areas of development include: -

Employment - Building on personal/vocational profiles.

Independent Living - Managing bills e.g. Mobile Phones, potential income, decision making, consent, life skills, managing time, the transition to adult care, being safe at home, different living arrangements, planning for future living.

Community Inclusion - Developing new friendships, personal budgets, managing your time, being safe on the streets, understanding alcohol and drugs, volunteering, understanding the criminal justice system, knowing where to go for help and how to use the emergency services.

Health - Taking responsibility for dental and optical appointments, managing own health, the transition to adult health services, using the GP, staying physically active and healthy, understanding relationships including sexual relationships – choices safety and good health.

Organisation of Key Stage 5

Head of Key Stage 5 - Mrs C Patterson –

Form tutors in Key Stage 5 -

- Mrs C Patterson –
- Mrs K Parris –
- Mrs I Ferguson –
- Miss E Mohammed –

Teaching Assistants -

Miss K Loughnane, Miss A Dickinson, Miss T Enright, Mrs H Chapple, Mrs S Berresford, Miss A Sheehy,

Mr M Samm and Mr S Dawkins.

Please contact your son/daughter’s tutor if you require any information or have any questions.

Correspondence to Parents/Carers

Parents/carers are provided with a termly curriculum summary sheet at the start of each term.
Students are assessed and data collected and analysed by Mrs Patterson, Head of Key Stage 5, to
ensure students are accessing the correct curriculum to meet their individual needs. Each student
has a programme of study which is reviewed regularly. This includes information about: -


  • Personalised Provision

  • Personalised Study Programme

  • Working towards their next accreditation level

  • Planning for their future – college/training/employment

  • Becoming a confident learner

  • Developing personal, social and employability skills

  • Work experience

  • Keeping Safe

  • Preparation for relationships/family life


The programme of study ensures that each student is taught as an individual providing them with
the learning they need to achieve and progress. Planning and teaching are differentiated according to

We understand how important Key Stage 5 is for your son/daughter and how it can give them the extra time they need to develop in all the aforementioned areas of study.

Mr J Selmes


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