Weatherfield Academy Key Stage 5 - Rewards and Incentives ‘Bonus Scheme’ – 2019

In Key Stage 5, the students gain Green Cards for working beyond and above their targets. These Green Cards give points towards the students' ‘House Points.’In Key Stage 5, we also keep a record of attendance and equipment, which can also earn house points for students.The points earn the student a reward at the end of the year; details to follow.We also keep a record of negative behaviour and conduct; using our yellow, orange and red card system, the points are taken away from each students' accumulated positive points.It is in the interest of all Key Stage 5 students to behave appropriately, conduct themselves in accordance with the Key Stage 5 expectations and always try their best to work hard and achieve the highest results they possibly can.

Mrs C Patterson, Head of Key Stage 5

Weatherfield Academy Key Stage 5 Partnerships Information 2018 - 2019

KS5 are pleased to announce they have the following links to support KS5 students in their education

Autism Bedfordshire – Offer our KS5 students supported work experience in their local shop.

Calvert Trust – Supporting our older students in a residential visit focusing on further independence.


Central Bedfordshire College - in establishing a link with Weatherfield so that our KS5 students can take part in voluntary/work experience in their Café but also giving our students the opportunity to experience College life.

More recently, Central Bedfordshire College allows our students to attend work experience in their shop, café and kitchen areas.


DofE – in delivering Bronze and Silver Awards. In 2019 – 2020 we are hoping to have our first Gold Awards.


MENCAP – in finding suitable work placements for our students and supporting the Head of KS5.


Natwest Money Sense – Delivering financial workshops.


NCS – Supporting our students in a residential visit focusing on life skills necessary to become more confident and independent.


SSG Bedford – Giving our KS5 students an end of year experience working on team building.


Transitions UK – in helping our students get ready for their transition to college and whilst they are at college.

Warden Vineyard – excellent outdoor work experience.


Young Money (formerly Pfeg) – supporting our KS5 students in financial education.

Mrs C Patterson, Head Key Stage 5

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