5CP Kurlin, Bunyan Centre, Bedford on Tuesday 19th March 2019

5CP enjoyed a morning at the Bunyan Centre taking part in Kurling.

Weatherfield A was Ben Hinkins, Jon Keenan, Lauren Borg and Sebastian Clewlow – they played really well and managed to achieve 4th place – well done all of you.


Weatherfield B was Sophie Robertson, Sophie Bagge, Rachel Wells and Dearbhla McCallion – they also played well and held on to their 6th place – again well done all of you.


Mrs Patterson, Miss Sheehy, Jordan Chung and Kacey Comb also took part in some friendly games which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Well done everyone a brilliant morning - everyone commented on how well behaved you all were and how helpful to each other too.

Mrs Patterson, Head of KS5

New Limitless Youth Club, MENCAP

KS5 students have enjoyed the new Limitless Youth Club held on Fridays at the Beecroft Community Centre, Dunstable.

This new club is run by MENCAP and runs from 11.30 to 1.30. Students get to enjoy a buffet, a monthly disco (held on the first Friday of each month), pool and many other fun activities including crafts.

The club will be open on Friday 12th April in the Easter Holidays if your son or daughter wishes to attend – it cost £6.00 per child.

Health Tec - Hands on Health on Health Visit


Our KS5 students were able to enjoy a whole day at Aylesbury College taking part in the ‘Patient Programme Journey’ fully funded by Health Tec.

The students enjoyed a complimentary coach to and from Aylesbury College. They took part in the Patient Journey in the NHS including-


Introduction, Scenario Start, Abdominal Thrusts, Initial Assessments, Cardiac Arrests and Heart Attacks, Defibrillator Demonstration, Ambulance Experience, Ward Experience and Discharge.


They took part in simulated experiences including the immersive ambulance experience, the hospital ward experience and many practical activities.


The students were amazed to find out that there are 356 jobs within the NHS and learned how they can apply for some of these jobs.


Calvert Trust News Report

On Monday the 8th of October, the year fourteens and year thirteens got the opportunity to go to Calvert trust in the Lake District, Cumbria.


The students went on the school mini bus and went to Milton Keynes train station and from there they got the train to Penrith, which is at the Lake District in Cumbria.


The students were on the train for three and half hours and after the long journey they arrived at Calvert trust and met the team. The leader called Nick, met them there and took them to the reception to collect the keys to their rooms.


The students then unloaded their suitcases and from there, met up in the dinner hall and had a scrumptious dinner. After, the students went to the games room and socialised with a different school, which was nice.


The students had a fabulous week, night walking, swimming, going on
high ropes, zip wires, catamarans, caving and gorge walking. Once the fun had stopped, they travelled back to Milton Keynes train station. From then, the students were picked up by Mrs Patterson and arrived back to school for the parents to pick them up.

Jordan & KS5 students

NCS Visit Report

Friday 12th October 2018 to Monday 15th October 2018

Condover Mansion, Shropshire

NCS has been great fun but the best part was going to Condover Mansion in October. The setting was amazing and it was such a good experience. It pushed us to our limits and tested our fears. We made friendships and had fun.

My favourite activities were the high ropes, obstacle course, the blindfolded mud trail, fire making and the gladiator wall which I completed. The food was amazing along with the great staff. It was all great!

Harry Day

Weatherfield Academy 6th Form NCS Visit to Condover Hall, Shropshire

On Friday 16th March the 6th Form students were picked up by coach and driven to Condover Hall.


This was the start of their NCS visit. “We were nervous but excited at this trip” said Shannon Flitton. We arrived at Condover Hall and did some team based challenges!


ON SATURDAY we did abseiling, archery and sensory challenge.

We all loved the sensory challenge because “it was funny watching everyone as we did not know where we were going” said Bradley Franklin.


ON SUNDAY it was snowing so we played snowballs and Mollie Firth and Bradley Franklin built a snowman.

We also went swimming in the afternoon whilst some students enjoyed the tunnelling challenge.

We arrived back on Monday 19th March – we were all feeling great after doing this brilliant weekend of activities.


Thank you to Mr Henkes, Mr Young and Mrs Patterson for taking us.


We also want to thank Gwen, Leon, Martin, Dawn, Brad, Kris and everyone else at the NCS for making our weekend absolutely fantastic.

Weatherfield Academy 6th Form End of Summer Term July 2017

​This Summer Term has been very busy with all 6th Form students completing their accreditations and coursework, our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards took place and our yearly visit to Blue Peris with KS5 and KS4 students.

We had our leavers’ assembly on Thursday 6th July with our special guests the Town Mayor, Councillor Gloria Martin and Mrs Hunt, Chair of Governors, Weatherfield Academy.

We had 17 leavers this year and the assembly celebrated their time at Weatherfield Academy and some of the recent events they had taken part in including our Weatherfield Careers Academy in partnership with staff from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Some of the students performed songs and all the leavers read out their memories of Weatherfield Academy.

The Jim Hunt Trophy was presented by Mr Selmes, the Town

Mayoress and Mrs Hunt – the winner this year was – CHARLIE BIRCH

Congratulations Charlie on this amazing achievement for all your hard work whilst at Weatherfield Academy.

We would like to wish our leavers all the best for their futures – well done to you all on your excellent achievements.


If you require any further information about the 6th Form at

Weatherfield Academy, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on – 01582 605632 or by email

Mrs C Patterson Head of 6th Form Weatherfield Academy

6th Formers Support Epilepsy Action – Wednesday 3rd May 2017

The 6th Form students enjoyed their ‘Wear a Hat Day’ in support of Epilepsy

Action – a charity close to the students’ hearts.


They raised a total of £50.00 for Epilepsy Action the UK’s leading epilepsy organisation that exists to improve the lives of everyone affected by the condition. The organisation represents people with epilepsy, their friends.

Epilepsy can affect anyone at any age and from any walk of life. Epilepsy action supports people every step of the way through living with the condition.


I am sure you will agree that this is a very worthwhile organisation to support. If you wish to find out more please visit their website at:-


Thank you so much for your donation.

It's only through the generosity supporters like you that we can go on providing vital services for people affected by epilepsy.

Your donation will help us:


- Provide specialist advice on the Epilepsy Action Helpline

- Campaign for better health care for people with Epilepsy Action

- Grow our existing network of local support and chat groups

Weatherfield Academy 6th Form Hosted the Central Bedfordshire Employment & Skills Board Meeting on Wednesday 10th May 2017

This meeting was attended by many prestigious business leaders and employers from Central Bedfordshire. The 6th Form students and Mrs Patterson greeted the 20 guests and served refreshments.


Mrs Patterson gave a short presentation about why it is so important for

businesses to offer our young people at Weatherfield work experience



All the people who attended the meeting were very impressed with

Weatherfield Academy and the students and Louis Devayya, the Business

Growth Officer, Central Bedfordshire Council stated “It was great to meet

some of your students and we were all really grateful to the volunteers for

making such an effort.”


Well done to Brendon Wolton, Samantha Litchfield, Mollie-Mae Firth, Bradley

Franklin and Bradley Field

Poetry By Heart Competition - Weatherfield Academy 6th Form

May 2017

Talented students at Weatherfield Academy 6th Form took part in an inspiring competition designed to encourage students in England to learn and to recite poems by heart.


The competition was held on Monday 3rd April 2017 in the afternoon and we were very pleased to have Tim Shorts, a Director from Poetry by Heart, Mr Selmes, Head Teacher and Mrs Drury, Deputy Head as our judges.


All 6th Form students recited two poems from pre 1914, post 1914 and their personal choice. Some students read their own poems they had written this year.


Everyone in 6th Form took part and the judges all agreed they were ‘magnificent’, ‘incredible’ and ‘talented.’

Mrs C Patterson Head of 6th Form Weatherfield Academy


April 2017

After a very busy Spring Term the students and staff of 6th Form were ready for a well-earned rest in the Easter Holidays. We hope you all had a lovely holiday.

The students are now back to their busy Exam time – each student has been given a list of their exams and dates for this term. We really appreciate your son/daughter’s hard work so far this academic year and will support them to achieve the best they can.

We also have our visit to SSG, Kempston, Bedford on Tuesday 2nd May which we are all very much looking forward to. The Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition will be taking place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May. We finish the term with our visit to Blue Peris from Sunday 21st May to Friday 26th May.

I am sure you will agree this is another busy half term but one that will give your son/daughter a number of excellent opportunities.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to

contact me directly on – 01582 605632 or by email

Mrs C Patterson Head of 6th Form Weatherfield Academy

Autumn Term

December 2016

This Autumn Term has been extremely busy for our 6th Formers.

Our Year 14 students have been meeting with Chloe Brennan/Paul Hunt to look

at colleges for their futures. We would like to thank Chloe and Paul for their time and effort in helping our young people in their future education.

All students have taken part in our new PIRA English and PUMA Maths assessment tests and I am pleased to say they have all done extremely well. They have also been working hard towards their coursework, ASDAN and accreditations – well done to you all.

Our new link with Dunstable Community Church meant that all 6th Form students got the opportunity to spend time in the Dunstable shop meeting the public, displaying the stall and items for sale and selling the items they have made. It was an absolute pleasure to see our 6th Form enjoy this great opportunity where they learned new skills, developed self-confidence and enjoyed the new environment. Well done to you all.

In light of their continued hard work and effort the 6th Form enjoyed their Christmas Meal @ The Bird in Hand on Thursday and also the disco held in school on Friday. I am sure you will agree both these rewards are well deserved.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the staff in 6th Form!

Mrs Patterson, Mr Henkes, Miss Enright, Miss Sharp, Miss Berresford, Mr Osborne and Miss Bowles


September 2016

I would like to welcome you and your son/daughter back to Weatherfield Academy 6th Form this September.

For our new students I am extremely pleased to say they have settled in very well to their new setting and curriculum.

We are all very much looking forward to working with you all and the new opportunities your son/daughter will encounter.

The main focus this half term is English, Maths and ICT, where we are building on the students prior accreditations gained last year to ensure their continued successful progress.

6th Form gives new opportunities for all students and we encourage them to focus on their ‘Preparation for Life’ programme. This includes: personalised provision and study programmes, working towards GCSE Foundation Level Maths and English, planning for future college/employment/training, becoming a confident learner, developing personal, social and employability skills, work experience, keeping safe and preparation for relationships/family life.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 01582 605632 or by email

Mrs C Patterson, Head of 6th Form

Buckingham Palace Gardens

Mrs Carol Patterson, Head of 6th Form

Weatherfield Academy, Dunstable


Collecting Weatherfield Academy’s Duke of Edinburgh Licensed Organisation Plaque –

from Levi Roots

On Monday 16th May 2016 at Buckingham Palace.

6th Form Summer News

Welcome back to everyone after our Easter Break – I really hope you have all had a good break and that the students are feeling rested and ready to get back to work.


The first part of the Summer Term will be busy in respect to accreditations for our students. We will be finalising coursework and completing exams in the following subjects:


English – Functional Skills and Step Up To English


Maths – Functional Skills and AQA Coursework


ICT – Functional Skills


ASDAN – Employability Units


British Safety Council – Health & Safety - Hazards in the Work Place


Those students taking the Entry Level PE accreditation will undergo their final tasks – Good Luck to you all and thanks to Mr Henkes for leading this new course.


Our Hair and Beauty students will continue to develop their portfolios in recognition of their studies over the year and in preparation for their VTCT Hair and Beauty qualifications – Good Luck to you all and thanks to Lauren from the Cedars Hair and Beauty Department for your continued support.


6th Form students are also given the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards. Our Bronze students will be taking part in their first Practice Expedition on Saturday 14th May and Sunday 15th May.


We wish all our students the best in this very busy accreditation half term.

Mrs C Patterson, Head of 6th Form


After a very busy Autumn Term it is lovely to welcome back all the 6th Form students to the new Spring Term.


This term there are a number of important dates and opportunities for the students along with preparing for their next accreditations, finding suitable voluntary/work experience and developing in their life skills and preparation for their futures.


‘Congratulations’ to Kyle Hemingway for gaining a GCSE in Mathematics. Kyle is the first 6th Former to achieve a GCSE and we are all very proud of him.


Three of our students Jordan Partridge-Cross, Daniel Briggs and Jade Tansley are continuing with their very successful work placement with ‘SNOOSC’ in Houghton Regis. Well done to you three for showing your commitment to this work – it is a real credit to you.


Last term four students were also given the opportunity to work with ‘Commonfield’ – they are Kyle Hemingway, Charlie Birch, Ben Wright and Ben Sharratt.


A group of our students are currently working towards their ‘Level 1 Hair and Beauty’ qualification. This is a great achievement to them all – Sophie Norman, Sian Edwards, Samantha Litchfield, Caitlin Walker, Laura-Jayne Walker and Rebecca Routledge.


12CP have been given the opportunity to attend ‘Central Bedfordshire College’ this term. They are thoroughly enjoying this experience and have already achieved a great deal in working in the Coffee Shop at the College. Great work 12CP keep it up!





On Wednesday 27th January the ‘Army’ will be visiting Weatherfield and 6th Form students who are interested in the Army will be invited to attend a talk with the Army.


On Thursday 4th February we will be hold ‘mock English Functional Skills exams.’ This will enable us to establish areas of the curriculum that need developing further.


On Tuesday 9th February we will be visited again by ‘OSCAR’.

The students will take part in a general road safety talk, pedestrian safety, and scooter and cycling safety conducted by the fire bikes and looking out for vulnerable road users as a driver with OSCAR.


HALF TERM – from Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February


The second half of the SPRING TERM will include:


Functional Skills, English, Maths and ICT


Lottie (with information on ‘protection’) visit to Weatherfield


The opportunity to visit a Careers Fayre in Luton


Kick Ash Smoke Free and Wasted ‘a road safety educational play’ – information to follow


National Apprenticeship Week Roadshow


If you wish to ask any questions as regards 6th Form please email me direct at: or phone 01582 605632.


Thank you

Mrs Carol Patterson, Head of 6th Form

Kamal Hyman, Motivational Speaker visits 6th Form @ Weatherfield Academy

The 6th Form students were visited by Kamal Hyman at the start of the new year to talk to them about their aspirations. ‘Kamal Hyman uses his sense of humour, humble personality and infectious energy to capture and inspire the audience and help them to understand the small changes they can make to turn their ‘potential’ into results.’


Kamal joined the students for lunch, a game of football and then turned his attentions to delivering a fantastic message to help empower the young students to believe in themselves and understand that once they're mind set is right anything is possible.


A huge thank you to Kamal for starting the new year off with a fantastic motivational message to all the 6th Form students.

Mrs Patterson, Head of 6th Form

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