Attendance is high profile at Weatherfield Academy. L Meenan and K Hoare have half termly register checks with Access and Inclusion. During these meetings, we scrutinise attendance figures for any pupils with an attendance below 96%.   


To highlight the importance of regular attendance, we have taken a number of measures: -

  • Half-termly key stage assemblies, awarding certificates for all pupils with 100% attendance.

  • Termly raffles, where pupils with weekly 100% attendance have a ticket put in the draw.

  • A termly newsletter dedicated entirely to pupil attendance, with information for parents/carers. 

  • A high profile display in the hall where weekly attendance for each tutor group is available.

  • Tutor groups that have the best attendance get a letter inviting them to come to school in non-uniform for the last Friday of the half-term.

  • Letters sent home to parents/carers at particular stages of a student’s decreasing percentage attendance.

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