Vision Statement

This Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form option aims to inform our young people about all aspects of pregnancy, planning and caring for a baby and the growth, care and development of the under fives.

Childcare at Weatherfield Academy

Childcare is a new course for the older students at Weatherfield Academy. Previously, aspects of childcare within Science and Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education have been taught, but standalone Childcare was introduced in 2016-2017.

Lessons are carefully differentiated and encompass a wide range of interactive teaching strategies. Many visitors help the students to learn ‘first-hand’ all about pregnancy and  how to care practically for babies and young children. Educational visits to a school nursery and provision for two year olds will focus on learning from professionals as role models.

There is combination of experiential learning, practical skills development and recording and reporting within this course, together with the acquisition of careful observational skills.

The health, safety and all round care during pregnancy and whilst caring for babies and young children are key elements of the course.

At Key Stage 3, pupils are taught five weekly lessons for Literacy skills and three lessons for English, focussing on improving the quality of the books that they read and their comprehension skills.

At Key Stage 4 and 5, pupils have at least 4 weekly English lessons. We see English as a fundamental skill to develop.


  • Key Stage 4 students will study AQA Unit Awards at individual levels, from Entry Levels 1-3.

  • Sixth Form students will work towards OCR qualifications.

Other Information

If you would like further information about our exciting new Childcare courses at Weatherfield Academy please contact Mrs Nicolla Drury via the academy office or email:

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