Weatherfield Academy Special School Careers Programme has been developed to incorporate the
Government’s Careers Strategy, launched in December 2017 and the statutory guidance published in January 2018 setting out a range of requirements for schools and colleges.


Mrs C Patterson is the Careers Leader and is responsible for leading the Careers Programme.


Weatherfield Academy Special School is working under the guidance from the Local Enterprise
Partnership with SEMLEP/The Careers and Enterprise Company supporting schools to develop and deliver independent Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).


Mrs Patterson attends the CEIAG Professional Study Group for Central Bedfordshire each term,
regular meetings with Central Bedfordshire Youth Support Services and has regular meetings with our Enterprise Advisor in order to ensure we deliver ‘good career guidance’.


Careers programme

The Careers Programme is working towards ensuring the following:
Our good Careers Programme meets the expectations set out in the Gatsby Benchmarks.
1) We have published on our website details of the Careers Programme and arrangements for

providers of technical education or apprenticeships to talk to pupils.

2) The destinations of young people from the school are tracked and that this information is used to improve the effectiveness of the school’s careers programme.

Personal statement from Mrs Patterson

As Careers Leader I will be responsible and accountable for the delivery of Weatherfield Academy’s careers education, information, advice and guidance. I will be working towards ensuring that Weatherfield Academy meets the Gatsby Benchmarks by 2020 in accordance with the Department of Education’s statutory guidance January 2018.


I will be involved in the planning, implementing and quality assuring of our careers programme for Weatherfield Academy; managing the delivery of career guidance; networking with external
partners, including employers; coordinating the contributions of careers teachers, subject teachers, tutors and SENCO.


I am also responsible for ensuring that the careers programme continuously improves and that it
delivers the kinds of impacts that are needed for our young people. This means paying careful
attention to feedback from all stakeholders and to the destinations of pupils.


Long Term Plan

I will monitor their intended destinations and track students. This will mean liaising with colleges,
work places and employers. I will also be familiar with the destination measures published by the
Department for Education and use this to review the impacts of the school’s careers provision.


Weatherfield Academy is also working towards a National Quality in Careers Standard, this should be achieved by the end of the academic year 2018-2019 under the guidance of Mrs Patterson working with Prospects to gain this excellent standard award.

Measuring and assessing the impact of our careers programme for our students

Individual student progress is currently recorded on our B Squared assessment system; however, we are currently developing a new assessment system which will be more personalised to the needs of our students. We envisage the transition to our new assessment system Onwards and Upwards throughout the academic year 2018 -2019. This will be reviewed termly.


Student feedback will be an integral part of our Careers Programme; each unit will be followed by a feedback session on what went well and even better if for our students.


Careers insets and training will take place during 2018-2019 to monitor and evaluate the delivery of our Careers Programme. Trustees, Governors and the Senior Leadership Team are committed to the monitoring and improvement of our Careers Programme.


By working with The Careers and Enterprise Company and working towards a nationally recognised Quality in Careers Standards programme will ensure the development of our Careers programme in accordance with current and future legislations.


Review of Careers information to be December 2019


Careers Leader

Mrs Carol Patterson, Careers Leader, Weatherfield Academy Special School
Email -

Telephone - 01582 605632

Mr J Selmes


Weatherfield Academy

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