Your child will have the opportunity to achieve the following points: -

3 points per day for having the correct equipment: -

Correct uniform with shoes NOT black trainers – 1 point

Pencil case with pencils, pens and ruler – 1 point

School diary/planner & learning ladders) – 1 point

5 points for a green card = unlimited maximum.

1 point for 1 house point = unlimited maximum.

Your child may lose the following points if there is poor behaviour: -

-1 point per warning of their behaviour needing to change.

-3 points if given a yellow card – this may be given if their behaviour has not changed for the better.

-5 points if given an orange card - this may be given if their behaviour is rude or they’re ignoring adult instructions.

-10 points if given a red card – this may be given if they swear or have persisted in poor behaviour after opportunities to change behaviour or remove themselves from the situation.

Invite to Reward Visit

To be invited on a  Rewards visit which your child has had the opportunity to choose and vote on they must fulfill the success criteria below: -

Attendance – must be above 96% which is the same as attending school for 69 days out of 72 for the Autumn Term, 57 ½ days out of 60 for the Spring Term and 55 ½ days out of 58 in the Summer Term. Where medical appointments can be made in the holidays or after school that is ideal; if this isn’t possible medical appointments will not be included in the % figures.

Total termly points is above 190 points in the Autumn term, 160 points in the Spring term and 160 points in the Summer term.


Each KS Rewards visit is TBC.

Pupils can boost their points with green cards and house points; whilst warnings and the card system will go against their total points.

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