Vision Statement

At Weatherfield Academy, all students will participate in Design and Technology.

It is a popular and valuable subject for pupils of all abilities. Knowledge and understanding is drawn from across the curriculum and helps to develop and enable numeracy, literacy and communication skills that can be applied in practical ways.

This consolidates skills from other lessons and reinforces learning with positive outcomes.

Designing and making usable products gives students a real sense of achievement. They benefit from experiencing their own progress and taking responsibility for their own learning. They enjoy the practical application of their ideas. Plus, their personal engagement with the task improves attention span, patience, persistence and commitment.


Design and Technology at Weatherfield Academy

Students will participate in a varied curriculum,comprising of a series of mini projects.

All programmes of work will ensure that the special needs of the pupils will be met and that sensitive and appropriate levels of work will be set, and support given in order to maintain individual creativity, achievement, motivation and success of our students.


KS3 Food and Textiles and Resistant Materials

In KS3 the students follow a well planned programme of work, linking in with B Squared (assessment structure).  KS3 students will experience a variety of different material areas, including plastic, wood and fabric.

KS4 Resistant Materials

In KS4 during the first term, the students will complete an AQA unit award covering Health and Safety in the workshop. Students will then learn how to work with a variety of different tools and machines to create different products from a range of material areas.


KS4 Food Technology

In Food Technology students study the practical and theoretical areas of this subject: looking at the food industry and engaging in Focused practical tasks which can be applied in real life.


  • AQA unit Awards

Other Information

​If you would like further information about our Design and Technology curriculum please contact Mrs Tracey Malster, DT Co-ordinator via the academy office or by email:

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