Exclusion Arrangement


Exclusions at Weatherfield Academy are rare. We have a strong ethos around support and structure for vulnerable children.  If any exclusions are necessary, our policy gives detailed information. However, the following is a quick quide:


1.    A pupil who is excluded will be given a structure of work and support for the time they would be aware from the school site. 
2.    Parents and carers are informed verbally and in writing the reason for the exclusion and invited to a back to school interview to integrate the young person with their peers. 
3.    The Local Authority is informed of exclusions and as all pupils at Weatherfield Academy have an Education Health Care Plan.  The Local Authority monitor and support exclusions. 
4.    If a challenge is made to an exclusion, the Academy’s Exclusions Policy is adhered to and the Trustees would be notified of the challenge. 

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