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Free Webinars for Parents/Carers

A week of engaging and informative webinars and workshops for parents/carers and professionals in Bedfordshire and Luton. 


All workshops will be held online, are free to attend and are aimed at empowering and informing our local community (parents/carers and professionals) on a variety of health focussed SEND related topics. 

Monday 10th June 

10am - 11.30am: Preparing for Adulthood - Annual Health Checks

1pm - 2.30pm: How to support your teenager preparing for adulthood and navigating SEND, with the School Nursing Team


Tuesday 11th June

10am - 11.30am: Lived Experience of Autism and Mental Health Services

1pm - 2.30pm: Gender Identity and Neurodiversity Lived Experience


Wednesday 12th June

10am - 11.30am: The Positives of Neurodiversity

1pm - 2.30pm: SEND and Behaviour Workshop

7pm - 8.30pm: Step Away From the Screen - Physical Activity and Movement for Individuals with SEND - How, What, Why? 


Thursday 13th June

10am - 11.30am: Misconceptions and Lived Experience of Tics and Tourettes

1pm - 2.30pm: ADHD in Females and those Assigned Female at Birth


Friday 14th June: 

10am - 11.30am: SEND and Dietetics: Making Mealtimes Manageable and mealtime routines 

1pm - 2.30pm: ADHD and Medication

To see further details, the full weeks schedule and for all booking links please visit the webpage here:

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