About Our Home Link

All of us at Weatherfield Academy know how difficult it is for some parents and carers to get here to talk to us about their child or to come to things like parents’ evenings or coffee afternoons.


It could be:

  • you have other children at home and need to be there for them

  • you have no car or don’t drive

  • you are disabled and can’t get out easily

  • the bus will take too long or a taxi costs too much

  • just feel too shy or nervous

Whatever the difficulty is, we'd like to help

We have set up Home-Link to support parents and carers who would like more face-to-face contact with us to talk about their child.

So, we can come to you...

We can arrange to meet you at your home at a time that suits you. We can meet you at a place in the community like a library or a café. If you would like to meet at the Academy but can’t get here – we can arrange to pick you up and drop you home afterwards. If you would like to come to our monthly coffee afternoon but can’t get here -let us know and we can pick you up and drop you home again. If we can help you feel more included in your child’s school life just give us a call, email or send a note and we’ll call you.

Contact: Tanya Enright

Phone: 01582 605632