How are pupils assessed at Weatherfield Academy?

Every pupil has a Learning Ladder which is taken from lesson to lesson and is used to show even the smallest stages of progress. These are available for all subject areas, but the core subjects of English and Maths are the main focus. These, of course, are used across the curriculum.

Learning Ladders are tailored to the individual ability of the pupils offering challenges over and above their working levels. Learning Ladders are linked to the B Squared assessment tool, which is widely used by SEND provisions across England and Wales. These list the challenges linked to a pupil’s ability and provide targets from the lessons and curriculum being studied.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are set by the tutor every term. These are specific areas of progress that are identified each term for pupils to focus their learning and then are reported regularly to parents.

Bringing these three areas together, the IEP, Learning Ladder and B Squared are intrinsically linked so that pupils’ progress can be monitored daily, over a term or throughout a year.

A flow diagram is available to show the use of IEP’s as these are the high profile individual challenges within the Learning Ladders for every pupil.

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