There are currently two classes in Key Stage 2. These classes are 2FM and 2AG, consisting of 13 pupils.

S Pearce.jpg

Mrs Pearce

Head of KS2 (maternity leave)

N Drury.jpg

Mrs Drury

Acting Head of KS2


F McTague.jpg

Mrs McTague

Class Teacher

K Marshall.jpg

Mrs Marshall


D Ashley.jpg

Miss Ashley

Teaching Assistant



Miss Giddings

Class Teacher

E Everett.jpg

Mrs Everett

Teaching Assistant

About Key Stage 2

"Ready to Learn"

Our focus within KS2 (Primary) is getting children ‘Ready to learn’. As pupils enter the academy, our priority is to ensure that they are able to show the many vital skills required to allow academic progress to further develop including, being aware of their learning environment, using equipment appropriately and showing an appropriate level of attention and concentration to complete simple activities as independently as possible. We follow an adapted curriculum to ensure that the most basic social, emotional and academic skills are embedded, allowing pupils to carry on building their skills as they progress throughout the key stage.


Our Curriculum
Key Stage 2 have their English and Mathematics lessons in the morning and the rest of the curriculum each afternoon. PE is on a Wednesday afternoon and pupils are encouraged to leave their PE kits at school until the end of a term where it will be sent home to be washed and checked.


Rewards and Behaviour
Management of pupil behaviour in Key Stage 2 is very good. All pupils have a house point chart as their reward system for good work, good behaviour and good personal progress. Once counted, the house points equate to certificates awarded in Key Stage assemblies at the end of each term and also house points for the pupil’s school house (Owls, Kestrels or Swallows).

To support and encourage good work and behaviour, we have a traffic light colour card system.  A yellow card is issued as a reminder to refocus the pupil, an orange card is a warning that the pupil needs to cease the behaviour, a red card is issued if the pupil does not modify their behaviour or complete work. We also issue green cards for very good work, behaviour and achievements. Pupils on a termly basis attend a FAB visit, which stands for ‘For Above and Beyond’. Attendance on these visits are guaranteed if a pupil has had no red cards. The percentage of pupils who attend these visits is very high in Key Stage 2.  

Pupil’s achievements in Key Stage 2 are celebrated in weekly Key Stage and whole school assemblies.  We also present the Spider Cup on a termly basis to a pupil who has demonstrated perseverance and determination to progress in an academic area or on a personal basis. Once a year we award the Swain Trophy for an outstanding effort by a Year 6 pupil.


Playground Pals

In Primary we give all year 6 pupils the chance to show their increased independence and responsibility by becoming playground pals. They take it in turns to be the playground pal on duty on a rota system, showing the younger pupils how to play appropriately on the playground and ensuring that our playground is a happy and safe place to be. All playground pals wear their badge with pride and are awarded a certificate for all their hard work at the end of each term.

In line with other responsibilities across the school, should behaviour change on the playground and in the classroom by our playground pals, their badge and responsibilities can be taken away if deemed necessary by the head of key stage until behaviour improves. As yet this has not happened in Primary and we are extremely proud of our playground pals. 

Playground pals are overseen by Mrs Pearce and Mrs Drury.