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There is currently one class in Key Stage 2 which is 2PG consisting of 9 students.



Mrs Pearce

Head of KS2/Class Teacher


Miss Giddings

Class Teacher


Mrs Everett

Teaching Assistant

About Key Stage 2

"Ready to Learn"

Our focus within KS2 (Primary) is getting children ‘Ready to learn’. As pupils enter the academy, our priority is to ensure that they are able to show the many vital skills required to allow academic progress including, being aware of their learning environment, using equipment appropriately and showing an appropriate level of attention and concentration to complete simple activities as independently as possible. We follow an adapted curriculum to ensure that the most basic social, emotional and academic skills are embedded, allowing pupils to carry on building their skills as they progress throughout the
key stage.


Our Curriculum

Children within Primary are streamed for Maths and English lessons according to their ability. This allows the class teacher to tailor lessons and work to allow your child to reach their full potential. The curriculum is taught using a text-based approach where pupils are immersed in a book with every subject linking to the text to ensure that learning is meaningful for all.

Our themes for the next academic year are as follows;
Autumn Term - Superheroes & Once upon a time
Spring Term - All about an author & Under the sea
Summer Term - Are we nearly there yet?


Self-Management, Conduct and Rewards

We aim to maintain a very high standard of conduct across the Primary department. Throughout the academy, a coloured card system is used.

Praise for positive conduct;
House points – Pupils collect house points throughout the week for good conduct in class and out on the playground. At the end of the week, house points are given out in the form of stickers which are stuck onto a house point chart created by the pupils.

Green card – excellent conduct, above normal expectations. Worth 5 house points for your child’s house. (Owls, Kestrels or Swallows)

Consequences for negative conduct;
Yellow card – 3 chances to make the right choice. Miss breaktime play.

Orange card – 3 more chances after a yellow card. Miss lunchtime play.

Red card – 3 more chances after an orange or a really bad choice in the playground or classroom that hurts someone else. Miss the rewards visit and after-school reflection until 4 pm.

We feel it is important to keep close links with parents/guardians regarding conduct and appreciate all the support you give us.

Pupils’ achievements in Key Stage 2 are celebrated in weekly Key Stage and whole school assemblies.  We also present the Spider Cup on a termly basis to a pupil who has demonstrated perseverance and determination to progress in an academic area or on a personal basis. Once a year we award the Swain Trophy for an outstanding effort by a Year 6 pupil.


Playground Pals

In Primary we give all year 6 pupils the chance to show their increased independence and responsibility by becoming playground pals. They take it in turns to be the playground pal on duty on a rota system, showing the younger pupils how to play appropriately on the playground and ensuring that our playground is a happy and safe place to be. All playground pals wear their badge with pride and are awarded a certificate for all their hard work at the end of each term.

In line with other responsibilities across the school, should behaviour change on the playground and in the classroom by our playground pals, their badge and responsibilities can be taken away if deemed necessary by the head of key stage until behaviour improves. As yet this has not happened in Primary and we are extremely proud of our playground pals. Playground pals are overseen by Mrs Pearce.

KS2 Self-Management, Conduct and Rewards
Creative Curriculum
Class Timetable
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