12th November 2019

Today, 3AS, 3CF and 3WK visited Cineworld, Luton for this term’s Reward Visit. Mr Kydd noted that, “the pupils really enjoyed the film and had a fun morning away from their usual maths and DT lessons!” Saun said, “It was amazing and the seats were really comfortable. I enjoyed my morning out with my friends.”

Mr Kydd, Head of KS3

13th November 2019

Today, 3NP, 3AC and 3GS visited Cineworld, Luton. Mrs Pollard said, “All of the pupils were so well behaved! They represented the school well and we all had a lovely time”. Gabrielle said, “I really enjoyed it. I managed to stay awake for the whole film”.


Key stage 3 pupils are already working hard to earn enough Reward Points for the spring term trip to Quasar in Hemel Hempstead.

Mr Kydd, Head of KS3

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