On 8th June 2016 five students began training as Kick Ash Mentors. This is the first time students from Weatherfield have done this and we are all very proud of Jordan, Claudette, Jenny, Miles and Kristin who volunteered following a workshop from the Kick Ash charity.


Aruna Sharma-Balls, Lucy Appleby and Shameena Khan kindly led the training and gave the young people a Kick Ash tee-shirt, enamel badge, hat and wristband.


There will be more training in the near future and ultimately our brand new Kick Ash Mentors will give peer support and guidance about the dangers of smoking.


Congratulations to Jordan, Claudette, Jenny, Miles and Kristin on their achievements so far and many thanks to Aruna, Lucy and Shameena for supporting Weatherfield’s ongoing commitment for all students to lead a healthy and safe lifestyle.


Mrs Drury, Assistant Head Teacher

Weatherfield Academy

Brewers Hill Road, Dunstable



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