Learning Pathway

Key Stage 2

‘Ready to learn’

An introduction for pupils into the ways they can move their body into different positions and shapes. 

Pupils will be encouraged to replicate movements shown by teachers or video examples. 


All students will be given the chance to explore space over different heights or through the use of equipment. 


Students will be encouraged to work with their peers during the lessons, with the aim of improving sharing, teamwork, problem-solving and effective communication and listening skills


Lessons in key stage two will include; Gymnastics, Dance, Personal skills, Team building, Team games and Athletics. 


All pupils will be required to identify what is going on during the lesson with higher ability pupils being asked to describe what they are experiencing.

Key Stage 3

‘Ready for Independence

Students will build upon the skills they worked on during KS2, aiming to consolidate the ability to identify what they are experiencing during their lessons. 

Students will have three years of PE lessons in KS3 where the particular focus will be spent on developing the ability to describe what they are experiencing in their practical lessons. KS3 students at Weatherfield will be provided with levels of high-intensity work in the following disciplines:  invasion games, striking and fielding, gymnastics/dance, personal fitness and Athletics. 

All students will be challenged to work cooperatively with their peers during lessons, whilst more able students will be asked to assume leadership roles at the appropriate times. 

Feedback from teachers will become more detailed and students will be asked to describe how they succeeded, as well as failed at tasks.

Key Stage 4

‘Ready for my future’

During pupils time in KS4 PE, they will be streamlined into similar ability groups. This is a very important process as the need for a student to feel comfortable performing in front of their peers, as well as appropriately challenged is essential for students to continue a healthy relationship with their physical education as they move into adulthood.

Students will be required to take on more responsibility during their lesson, this can take the form of collecting and putting equipment away, leading warm-up and cool-downs, as well as formulating drills for skills that will need improving. 

Teachers will help students to explain and analyse what they are doing in their lessons. This can come in two forms, self-analysis and peer reviews. Questions will include: what went well? What could be improved? 

Particular focus will be spent on students gaining more knowledge of their own personal fitness levels, and how they can carry out fitness sessions on their own without the need for equipment. 

As in KS3, the lessons will cover the following areas:  invasion games, striking and fielding, gymnastics/dance, personal fitness and Athletics with the added curriculum time to go to a local leisure centre where they will use the gym facilities.

Key Stage 5

‘Ready for Work’

PE is offered as an optional subject for students during KS5. If they choose PE, they are offered a minimum of 2 hours per week to continue their physical education. 

During these lessons, pupils will cover a range of sports/disciplines including; Football, Hockey, Personal fitness, Cricket,  Netball, Basketball and Tennis.

Students will be encouraged to take a highly active role in the running of the lessons, which include taking warm-ups, cool downs and leading their peers in practising skills. Evaluating their own and others performance plays a key part in the OCR Entry level qualification the students will be studying for. Not only is important for the students to understand what it takes to perform well in sport and keep healthy, but they will also learn how others do the same.