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Childhood - Creative Curriculum in KS3

3AS 3AC 3SP In our humanities lessons, we have been learning all about life in the 1950s and comparing it to how life is today. Pupils were able to compare the toys that were played with back in the 1950s compared to the toys they play with now. We also learnt about the Queen’s Coronation – pupils found this particularly interesting given recent events.

We have been working on self-portraits this half term. Some classes have spent a few weeks on one self-portrait and other classes have spent each week practising using a new medium, such as collage, painting and sketching.

In Science, we have been looking at animals and their habitats, including how to keep pets living a happy and healthy life! We used the school grounds to observe insects’ behaviour when changing their environment. Many of us think we would be able to look after a class pet…staff think a bit more persuading is needed.

3SQ and 3NP In 3NP and 3SQ, we have been learning about our senses in science and using all 5 of our senses whilst taking part in a range of different sensory activities. We have used lots of different techniques to create portraits of faces, including taking inspiration from the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo. Our zones of regulation lessons have helped us to start using the zones in class to let our teachers know how we are feeling and whether we are in the green zone and ready to learn.


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