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Weatherfield Academy Special School KS5 10-Year Celebration

On Friday 24th March Key Stage 5 celebrated their 10-year anniversary. We would like to thank our special guests – Dunstable Town Mayor – Liz Jones and Weatherfield Academy Chair of Governors – Jacqui Hunt

It was lovely to share the day with our Governor June Hoare, Key Stage 5 students, Key Stage 5 staff, ex students, Dunstable Town Football Club, Duke of Edinburgh, NCS, CIC Ltd and THSP.

We would also like to thank Laura Cochrane for the amazing cake and Joanne and Sam from BCM for their help on the day, thank you all very much. David and Eve Meagher for their support and ipad donation which went to Luke Husbands, congratulations Luke.

Luke received this special award for his mature behaviour and attitude, being helpful with students and staff, working hard in all his lessons and on achieving his leadership Level 6. Congratulations Luke you are an ‘excellent role model to us all.’

The students received a special hoodie from the Friends of Weatherfield, thank you Mrs Lloyd for supporting Key Stage 5 over the past 10 years.

Students were recognised for their personal achievements –

  • Florence H – for showing excellent growth in independence

  • Kelsey D – for being the most improved student

  • Bradley B – for being resilient and more independent

  • Curtis M – for overcoming so much and keeping positive

  • Adam W – for always being positive

  • Nathan J – for being enthusiastic

  • Jake D – for being the most helpful student

  • Joseph F– for being very caring

  • Kieran G – for always working hard and persevering

I would like to personally thank Mr Selmes, Headteacher, for all your continued support, every single staff member and student of Weatherfield Academy, THANK YOU ALL.

Mrs Carol Patterson,

Head of Key Stage 5

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