Provision Mapping


All pupils' cost analyses are recorded through provision mapping. This has enabled us to attract additional funding, if needed, for Looked After Children who come from the most vulnerable backgrounds. This enables us to monitor and use our own resources in order to meet pupil's needs.  National funding is often supported by other grants to assist educational and social developments as a pupil progresses through the Academy.  An example of this is the Pupil Premium Grant, which has a consistency of use in order to assist those from disadvantaged backgrounds during their pathway through Weatherfield Academy. 


Weatherfield Academy has the advantage over some other provisions in that pupils can attract Pupil Premium Funding for up to 10 years in this specialist provision. Mainstream disruption between schools can often see a breakdown in the way Pupil Premium is spent and attached to a young person. This loss of continuum of spending is not seen at Weatherfield Academy. The headteacher has long championed collaboration between schools to engage attached spending across the young person's school career.

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