School will close for education of pupils from Friday 20th March 2020 at 3.15pm

In these difficult times, we would like to support, as much as possible, the pupils and family of
Weatherfield Academy. Work has been issued to every pupil at appropriate levels and staff will be
making regular contact with families and pupils to assist and give structures where needed.

Our intention is to reopen the school as soon as possible. I will be working with the Local Authority and my staff team to make sure that all provisions are in place for the most vulnerable students and those of key workers. Please heed Government's guidance to keep children at home wherever possible. In order to prepare to re-open our school, we need to perform a deep clean and make sure that all of our resources and supplies are in place. Staffing has been difficult, as we have staff in isolation with vulnerable family members and of course, with child care needs.

Structures are very important for our young people at this time. Routine and a consistent approach
needs to be kept to. We will be asking staff to make contact during the morning of each week day,
which is the best time for our pupils to be actively learning. Please structure and make time for family time, fresh air and exercise. These are part of a daily routine, alongside the many electronic games pupils immerse themselves in.

Please contact us if you are finding things difficult, we will do all we can to support you and your

On this page you will find links to help, learning and give support to our pupils in the coming days.
These are supplied with logins where needed which may be used to record work and activities. Please click on the buttons below for some useful links for each Key Stage.

Mr J Selmes


Weatherfield Academy

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