Christmas Jumper Day 2018

Friday 14th December 2018

The School Council would like to thank everyone who donated. We raised over £90


Thank you

Children in Need 2018 at Weatherfield Academy Organised by the School Council

Jordan Chung, Chairperson for the School Council would like to thank everyone at Weatherfield Academy for their generosity in supporting our Children in Need Mufti Day and Cake Sale.


We raised over £200 which is a fantastic amount of money. Thank you to everyone who donated cakes, dressed up and helped in any way THANK YOU.

School Council Meeting Wednesday 7th November

The School Council had their second meeting on Wednesday 7th November 2018

1) Mrs Patterson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2) We reviewed the Make Your Mark results and Mrs Patterson thanked everyone for their help.
3) Chairperson voted in was Jordan Chung.
4) Vice Chairperson voted in was Mollie Firth.
5) Mrs Patterson handed out the new School Council badges.
6) Children in Need Cake Stall discussed – letter written and Jordan copied
and distributed this to the whole academy – thank you Jordan.
7) Christmas Jumper Day – the School Council members said they would very
much like to hold another Christmas Jumper day; this would be on either
Friday 14th December or Wednesday 19th December (our last day in
school). Mrs Patterson to take this suggestion to SMT and report back to

the School Council.


Meeting closed at 12.55 pm


Mrs Patterson thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

School Council Meeting Wednesday 19th September 2018

The School Council had their first meeting on Wednesday 19th September 2018


The new members are: -

2SP – Sophie Edwardson
2FM – Callum Rigby-Woods
2NP – Ashley MacDonald

3AS - Austin Mitton
3KP – Adam Dutton
3WK – Olivia Parlett
3CF – Jay Flitton
4TM – Abigail Poole
4JY – John Devonshire
4JL – Findlay Graham
4KO – Ronni Wallis
5CP – Jordan Chung
5JH – Mollie Firth
5GS – Billy Wilks

1) Mrs Patterson welcomed all the new members.

2) Make Your Mark – Jordan, Mollie and Billy said they would speak in Friday’s assembly about Make Your Mark. Simon from CBC would be in Weatherfield Academy on Tuesday 25th September at lunchtime with a ballot box.

3) Lunchtime Values were discussed.

Suggested amendments –
2 – When lining up to not lean on the apparatus or play on the piano.
3 – Try not to be messy or noisy – use your quiet voice.
8 – No bullying in the lunch hall – (this came from John Devonshire).

We wondered if the lunchtime staff could nominate 4/5 students rather than 2 for the Head Teacher’s lunch; as we have so many more students now and we thought the impact would be greater.

4) Chairperson and Vice Chairperson – as not everyone had attended the meeting it was suggested we look at this at our next meeting.

5) Halloween Party – some suggestions were – 3.45 to 4.45, music, decorations, cake, dancing, activities and games. Mrs Patterson to speak to Mrs Lloyd from Friends of Weatherfield to see if they would be interested in supporting this. Mrs Patterson to then take to SMT.

6) Children in Need – Everyone at the meeting agreed a Children in Need cake stall would be a very good idea. Children in Need day is Friday 17th November so we will organise this after half term.

7) Any Other Business – Mollie brought up the point of toilet seats broken in
both the KS3 and KS4 toilets. Mrs Patterson said she would pass the information on to SMT and the Site Manager.

Meeting closed at 12.55 pm

Mrs Patterson thanked everyone for coming.

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