School Improvement and Support in Weatherfield Academy


Weatherfield Academy has used a School Improvement Partner since 2011, when the Local Authority relinquished responsibility for all services. The credentials of our School Improvement Partner are as follows:


Mr Geoff Jepson is a retired Headteacher of an SEN MLD/complex needs provision based in the Midlands. He trained as an Ofsted Inspector and carried out these duties until recently. Mr Jepson visits every half term for one day and his responsibilities as School Improvement Advisor are:


  • Monitoring the School Development Plan

  • Overseeing developments since the previous Ofsted inspection and quality assuring work.

  • Meeting with Heads of Key Stages and senior staff to develop skills and vision.

  • Scrutinising data and meeting with our data analyst for regular updates

  • To carry out the Headteacher’s Performance Management with two trained senior governors.


The six visits to the Academy have agendas and are organised with a clear emphasis on strategic value.


The mantra of the School Improvement Partner is to create a self-improving school system that prevents under performance.


The School Improvement Partner issues information following each school improvement visit to focus governors and senior leaders, as well as structure further improvements.


The back story to these notes over the last five years shows an incredible depth and drive, perseverance and improvement that has helped the Academy and its leaders to be working at the highest possible level.

Mr J Selmes


Weatherfield Academy

Brewers Hill Road, Dunstable



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