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Progress and Assessment of Pupils at Weatherfield Academy

We have high expectations!

Targets are triangulated by staff looking at individual pupil Start Points and End Points (where they want the children to reach) on a termly, annual and Key Stage basis. Staff factor in the National Progression Guidance Tables, age, prior attainment and pupil knowledge and use professional experience to set these targets and monitor on a regular basis.


Targets are set on an electronic system called BSquared combined with the use of bespoke Learning Ladders. The Academy uses a commercial package (BSquared) that breaks down levels of progress into smaller steps, allowing us all to demonstrate and celebrate those smaller steps of progress that
pupils make. Support staff are all also able to input levels electronically.


P Levels


P Levels are a nationally agreed system for assessing pupils who work below Level 1 of the National Curriculum. They stretch along a progressive continuum.


Pupils’ progress is assessed 3 times per year on a termly basis against the targets set by class teachers. On an annual basis in the Summer Term, teachers carry out a full assessment across all departments analysing all key groups. A variety of electronic and monitoring systems in the Academy work as ‘safety nets’ to alert teachers and parents if a pupil’s progress is not what is expected. Levels are reported in pupil reports and also recorded at the front of individual work folders.

An annual report is submitted to the Governing Body on all attainment, accreditation (results) and progress made over the year.


This is impartial and overseen via the area Teaching School.

Quality assured external moderators sample work and provide a written report on the findings. Peer support in this way indicates that we have accurate findings and levels of progress.

External accreditation in nationally recognised qualifications and awards also allow analysis of our levels of work and progress.

Internal Moderation of Work

The Senior Leadership Team and Department Leaders regularly review pupil progress by looking at all internal systems. Work is triangulated using the following;


  1. Pupil work.

  2. Quality of teaching and learning.

  3. Learning Ladders, IEP and BSquared data.


Performance indicators for the Academy can be seen on the Academy website.

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