Having scrutinised the way we collect our progression data, during the autumn of 2022, as an Academy, we have decided to realign our working in this area to obtain more accurate levels of pupil learning so the information can inform the way we plan our learning. It must be noted:

  1. We continue to monitor the learning journeys of pupils through their work and engagement.

  2. The Complete Pupil Profile allows us to assess the progress being made in individual subjects and social and emotional aspects of learning.


The Onwards & Upwards data collection and IEP setting has been delayed during this time so that a new more accurate assessment of learning levels can be implemented. This deeper understanding of the needs and levels of every pupil means that the quality of Teaching & Learning can be improved by having a more accurate understanding of the barriers in place.

The expertise held by Senior Leaders in the Academy has enabled us to focus in this area with confidence that this reorganisation will make us all more able to meet the needs of our most complex learners, and improve the quality of Teaching & Learning for this more complex type of learning.