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Curriculum Overview


Planning a relevant, appropriate and accessible curriculum is challenging. The National Curriculum provides programmes of study for all subjects. However, as many teachers realise, in a special school it is often the case that neither the programme of study nor the identified age group is applicable to meet the needs of children with learning difficulties.  We are mindful to ensure that we give the right level of support, at the right time and in the right place.


Learners at Weatherfield Academy are diverse with often, quite complex profiles, making planning a challenging task. Teachers are expected to be reflective practitioners, reviewing their practices and applying their skills more effectively to enable learners to succeed, regardless of their starting points. We recognise that each learner will have their own journey through their education, peppered with unique and personalised elements throughout their experience at school. We celebrate these successes in many ways and are quick to identify areas of need, putting into place relevant and appropriate interventions.


At Weatherfield Academy, we work collaboratively to ensure learning is engaging and provides all learners with opportunities to participate and lead aspects of the learning journey by having their voices heard. Teachers access a wide range of training opportunities throughout the year to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in order to enhance their inclusive practices to meet the needs of all their learners; these are informed by the Education and Health Care Plan as well as our ongoing system of progress assessments that take place at regular intervals across the academic year.


Our Curriculum is structured around the 3 I’s: Intent, Implementation and Impact.


Intent: We identify individual skills, strengths and qualities and work to develop these so that they can become active and productive participants in their community and in society at large. Our intention is to promote equality and diversity, regardless of faiths, beliefs, cultural and individual differences.


Implementation: Our curriculum is ever evolving and developing; it aims to build on prior knowledge, to be adaptive and responsive to learner needs which can change year on year; providing different pathways of learning ensures that everyone is included at the right level and can thrive and achieve alongside peers and adults alike. This includes looking at expanding, in the near future, further creative opportunities in the areas of environmental, sustainable, rural-based learning. 


Post-COVID, we have been engaged in a new and revitalized impetus to work towards excellence in everything that we do.  With a continuing focus on improving face-to-face teaching and learning, we aim towards gaining more expertise in inclusive pedagogies through the support of excellent specialist professionals. This will be the key to making our curriculum more impactful.


The range of subjects on offer brings a variety of experiences and aims to broaden and deepen the learning journey. It is this focus on personalisation that drives the continued development of our provision; coupled with input from specialist practitioners and our broad Multi-Disciplinary Team, our curriculum is being built around what is Relevant, Appropriate and Accessible for all our learners at every stage of their development – taking into consideration their individual strengths, areas of interest and personal requirements. Our present drive is to focus on building the expertise of all our teachers and support staff so that we get it right more often and can identify the areas of our curriculum that require adaptation and further development. We aim for a valuable curriculum that is inspirational and offers opportunities for personal development and transferable skills. Extra-curricular activities and our new Forest School initiative bring further valuable experiences.

Impact: The impact of learning pathways at Weatherfield Academy is well documented over a number of years. Learners succeed above expected national levels with accreditations that lead to meaningful skills and qualities for an adult life. Pathways in adulthood are well established and learners have the independence and structured skill set to engage in further learning after their time at Weatherfield Academy.

During these last five years, learners leaving Weatherfield Academy have engaged in one of the following:

  • Employment with training

  • Internship linked to further learning

  • College courses

The overall data supplied by the Youth Services show that in tracking our learners, all 100% of our young adults successfully maintained their structures into their adult life. The learning journey impact is a key component for the future of the most vulnerable young people in society, we are all very proud of being part of this journey.


At Weatherfield Academy, we strive to enable learners to be self-aware, independent and confident individuals. With a focus on British, Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural values throughout our curriculum, we pride ourselves in nurturing qualities in our learners such as respect, tolerance, adaptability and resilience. This enables all our learners to Become the Best Person That They Can Be.

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