Overview of our Curriculum

Welcome to the overview of Weatherfield Academy Special School learning pathway for SEND pupils.

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Our curriculum has a focus on the following:

  1. Engagement of pupils on a journey of learning

  2. Challenges and involves our pupils

  3. Built on learning in a sequenced way

  4. Builds a deep body of knowledge

  5. Prepare our pupils for their future

  6. Has specialist input

  7. Gives out of school residential and vocational experiences

  8. Builds independence in SEND young people


‘To become the best person you can be’ underpins our curriculum intent, for example, young people from Weatherfield Academy Special School will encounter a broad and adapted curriculum to give a better knowledge of the skills that are essential for an adult world.


Our curriculum is based around a framework that encompasses the following:

  • Our curriculum Intent is to provide a broad and balanced SEND curriculum to give knowledge, understanding and an ability to apply skills.

  • Implementation of our curriculum is coherently planned, administered and sequenced to meet the individual needs of our pupils.

  • Our curriculum impact will give children and young adults the skills required to progress and move forward in their lives.

How we measure success

The evidence to show that a pupil is making progress has been scrutinised in recent years and the table below gives an insight into how we measure and report pupil progress.

  1. Equivalency table – this equivalency table will show the steps of learning that make up the pathway for young people as they encounter new skills and activities during their sequenced curriculum. This table shows the levels of ability and where they match the nationally recognised accreditations.

  2. Challenges and individual education plans (IEPs) are set by class teachers across a range of subjects for short and medium-term independence challenges. This is measured using the EPIDAE abbreviation.


By revisiting the challenges and monitoring any progress with the EPIDAE system, we have found there is a better success rate in pupil mastery and challenges set.