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Business Partnerships

Young Money

Since 2013 Weatherfield Academy Special School has worked very closely with Young Money (formerly known as Pfeg), in connection with the delivery of our Financial Curriculum.

We have been reaccredited for being  ‘Centres of Excellence in Financial Education’

Students receive a weekly financial lesson, delivery of My Money Week, Inset for Staff and continue to help us support the delivery of financial education to our students.

By continuing this partnership Weatherfield Academy Special School can ensure that our students will be getting the most up to date, relevant financial information to help and assist them in their personal finances now and in their futures.


​Weatherfield Academy and Commonfield Services, which manufactures fitted wardrobes and bedrooms for both the building trade and public, located in Lawrence Way Industrial Estate, Dunstable are pleased to be working together in partnership. Mr Philip Meredith, Managing Director of Commonfield, has said the relationship between our Academy and Commonfield is for “the long term”.  He said: “I would like to get other businesses here and get them involved.  The atmosphere is unbelievable. It’s not about what you can get out of it. It is a tremendous cause.”

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