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Family Support Worker

At Weatherfield Academy, we aim to support the whole family as part of our school community. We value family contributions and strive to support our families both at home and at school. I am extremely pleased to inform you that I am the newly appointed Family Support Worker.

In my role as Family Support Worker, I will be working closely with families, pupils, staff and other agencies to help pupils and their carers achieve their goals and be a happy and confident members of our community.

I can help in a number of ways these may include;

• Form filling

• Education and training

• Child welfare

• Routines at home

• Relationship within the family

Or, I can just listen to a worry or a concern that has arisen.

I can offer this support in a number of ways. You can make an appointment to drop in to see me in my family support hours, Wednesday 9 - 1 pm or Thursday 12.45 - 3 pm or email or call for a telephone conversation. From this, we can arrange a meeting to plan the next steps for your family.

This is an exciting initiative for Weatherfield and I look forward to meeting and supporting the families within our community.

Contact details:
Miss D Ashley

01582 605632


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