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About Us​

The Eco-Monitors is a group made up of pupils throughout the academy (a pupil from each class) co-ordinated by Mr Adams-Rimmer and Mrs Ainsworth. We meet up each half term to discuss current environmental news, eco projects and communication from pupils, staff, families and governors.


We like to help our local community. We regularly meet with the Dunstable Town Rangers to help clear up our local areas, such as the Green Lanes and Dunstable Cemetery. We do this by picking up any litter, clearing away leaves and branches, planting flowers and by having a general tidy up (we always wear gloves and use litter pickers).

Eco-Schools Green Flags

We have worked hard to achieve four Green Flags from the Keep Britain Tidy’s Eco-Schools project. Green Flag status is awarded by Eco-Schools. This is a national scheme that rewards and accredits schools that have made a commitment to continuously improve and clearly evidence their environmental performance.

Current Eco-Monitors Representatives:

LAG - Riley C
LGA - Pheonix G
LJW - Caden B
LFM - Oliver H
LAS - Lucas H

LAH - Jessica W
4JL - Rosie A
4MH - Toby H
4AS - Ruben T
4SQ - James H
5CP - Joshua N
5KP - Charlie R
5IF - Curtis M
5EM - Robert B
5WK - Reece B

Solar Panel Sponsors

We would like to thank those of you who have sponsored solar panels. Sponsorship details are available from the academy office if you wish to help us and sponsor a solar panel.

Working Together​

Everyone in the Academy works actively together to care for our farm, fruit vegetables and herb gardens, ponds and well-maintained grounds. We are a litter-free school. Key Stage 3 have Rural Studies lessons every other half term, whilst key stage 4 are able to have Rural Studies lessons every week depending on their option choices. These lessons involve animal care and horticulture. These lessons ensure that when a pupil leaves the Academy they can maintain their own garden and care for pets, as well as farm animals. Several previous students have completed further education and pursued careers linked to the outside environment.

Solar and Wind Energy​

We are extremely proud that we generate solar and wind energy which powers the pumps in two of our ponds.


We have a manure compost area on our farm and a plant-based compost area. Both composts are used to help us grow our own fruits, vegetables and herbs in an organic way.

Saving Energy and Water​

Our Eco-Monitors sign a contract which asks them to turn off any unnecessary lights and dripping taps. They carry out these tasks conscientiously. Our computers automatically use less energy if left unused for a short period of time. We are regularly communicating the importance of environmental issues with the pupils. If you would like to help us with our Eco-Schools work, please contact Mrs Ainsworth at the Academy.

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