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Lower School


There are currently seven classes in Lower School, LAS, LAH, LJW, LSP, LAG, LGA and LFM consisting of 66 pupils.


A Slough (2).JPG

Miss Slough

Class Teacher


Mrs Cawthorne

Teaching Assistant

H Church.jpg

Mrs Church

Higher Level

Teaching Assistant


A Coleman.jpg

Mrs Harper

Class Teacher

J Hamblin.jpg

Mrs Hamblin

Teaching Assistant

J Wood.JPG

Mr Wood

Teaching Assistant


J Williams.JPG

Mr Williams

Class Teacher

G Ing.jpg

Miss Ing

Teaching Assistant

M. Davies.JPG

Miss Davies

Teaching Assistant


S Payne (2).JPG

Mrs Payne

Trainee Teacher

J Fuge

Mrs Fuge

Teaching Assistant



Mrs Giddings

Class Teacher

S Bowles.jpg

Miss Bowles

Teaching Assistant



Mr Adams-Rimmer

Class Teacher


Mrs Everett

Teaching Assistant


F McTague.jpg

Mrs McTague

Class Teacher

G Kilbey.JPG

Mrs Kilbey

Class Teacher

A Fowler.jpg

Mrs Fowler

Higher Level

Teaching Assistant

About Lower School

"Ready to Learn and Develop Independence"

Weatherfield Academy establishes and develops a high culture of trust so that each student’s engagement with communication and learning can be successful. Each student’s learning is understood on an individual basis. The classroom offers a safe base with a structured day and a familiar routine. Students are encouraged to develop independent skills and learn to manage their emotions and feelings. Everyone in the Lower School should wear the correct uniform and be well prepared (with equipment). We expect that every child will treat others as they would like to be treated themselves at all times. We all work together to ensure that everyone in the Lower School has the best opportunities to support their learning.

Our Curriculum

We understand that it is a very important time for you and your child. In the Lower School we have embedded a Creative Curriculum across many of our subjects (Science, DT, Rural Studies, Computing, Food Technology, Art, and Humanities). We follow a half-termly central theme and at the beginning of each topic, pupils will take part in a Memorable Experience to capture their imagination. Pupils will take part in many practical lessons on and off-site. Each topic is broken down into four stages, engage, develop, innovate and express. At the end of each topic, pupils will consolidate their learning with a visit.


Pupils will have core lessons every morning (English and maths). You may find your child has a different teacher for their English and maths lessons. This is because we group our classes for core subjects based on individual ability. Although it may be a different teacher, it will still be a Lower School teacher. 

Self-Management, Conduct and Rewards

Within the Lower School, self-esteem and self-confidence are developed through engagement in a wide range of learning activities that promote achievement personal to each individual. Students are encouraged to develop independent skills and are supported in managing their emotions and feelings. We encourage every student to try their best in order to achieve their very best learning and make progress in the academy. We support each child in their awareness of the importance of treating others as they would like to be treated themselves.


House points and green cards are awarded for a wide range of reasons, including curriculum tasks, kindness, politeness and trying your best. 


Pupils who have accumulated high numbers of house points during each term are invited to take part in rewards activities or visits. The pupils enjoy sharing their personal achievements with their friends during weekly Key Stage and whole academy assemblies. Once a year we award the Spider Cup trophy to a student in year 6 and the Key Stage 3 trophy for outstanding effort by a Year 9 pupil.

KS3 Self-Management, Conduct and Rewards
Class Timetables
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