Week Beginning: 6th June 2016

This is all about the first week back after half term.


Over the next few weeks all sixth form students will be going to the Luton safety centre. This week, Mrs Patterson’s class went. They learned about Safety at home, hazards in the house, general fire safety in the home, planning a safe fire drill escape, making a 999 call and the importance of smoke alarms. Mrs Patterson said “The trip was about safety in the house and hazards.”


A group of Year 12 students have become Kick Ash school representatives. They will spread word about non-smoking around the academy. They all received a wrist band, cap, T-shirt and a Kick Ash badge.


On Friday Year 11 will be having a tea party to celebrate the Queens’s 90th birthday.


Mrs Hansell’s class of Year 11 Students went on a visit for their NCFE Exam Coursework to the Christ the Cornerstone church in Milton Keynes for their “Plan a Trip” course. Bradley Franklin said that “The best bit was going out for lunch at Mc Donalds”

Andrew Tatton, Journalist of the Week

Week Beginning: 23rd May 2016

Its exam time at Weatherfield!


Year 11 and the sixth form have all worked really hard to complete all their exams and coursework. The ICT exam was particularly hard. The PE entry level group went to Silver Arrow Archery in Edlesbrough for an archery assessment. They said it was great shooting real arrows.


Seven sixth form students went on a practice weekend for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. They walked over 20 miles and camped out overnight at Shute Farm.

On Friday year 10 went to a Tee-ball completion at Bedford. They played against other schools. They all received certificates.


The Fairtrade committee went to Sainsbury’s on Wednesday afternoon. They were on a mission to find out more about their Fairtrade products. They asked Lisa lots of questions and were treated to some Fairtrade juice and a snack.

Shaun Mitchamson, Journalist of the Week

Week Beginning: 25th April 2016

Tuesday was an extremely busy day for the academy. Key Stage 3 pupils went to Milton Keynes Museum. They saw a Victorian house. It had no electricity. There were lots of different games and they had  lunch in a horses stable.


Meanwhile back at school Key Stage 4 pupils took part in Enterprise Day. The winning teams got big boxes of chocolate. The theme this year was creating a music company and making merchandise. They had to present their work to a group of judges.


Mr Selmes, Headteacher, said, “The groups worked well throughout the day and met all of the deadlines. The standard of work and their presentations were amazing. Well done to group 2, Swordfish, who won the afternoon presentation.”


Prizes were donated by local companies.


KS2 held a Literacy enrichment day. Their theme was The Tortoise and the Hare. This story was read and discussed and pupils spent the afternoon on arts and crafts activities.


On Wednesday KS5 went to Bedford and took part in a curling competition. It was a long journey and Mrs Patterson got them lost! They have also had lots of English exams this week and have worked really hard.

Ethan Day, Journalist of the Week

Week Beginning: 18th April 2016

It’s been a busy week at Weatherfield. On Tuesday several sixth form pupils took part in a PE Football moderation with Mr Henkes. All pupils did extremely well.


On the same day a group of pupils went out to Luton Town Cricket Club. KS3/4 pupils joined with another group to play and learn about cricket.


There was also another swimming gala where selected pupils took part in several races of front/back stroke, breast stroke and relay. Well done to all who took part.


This week sixth form pupils have focused on completing all of their maths work. They  have all concentrated really hard to meet exam deadlines.


The whole school would like to wish the Queen a Happy 90th Birthday.

Kyle Hemingway - Journalist of the week

Week Beginning: 11th April 2016

It is the first week back after the Easter holiday. Most pupils are happy to come back to school after doing lots of things in the holiday.

One sixth form pupil has had an interview at Bedford College for a course starting in September.

Year 11 JH had a mufti-day because they won the attendance award last term. Sophie Norman in the sixth form won the library award for her consistent reading.

Harry Day, from KS3, gave us a great performance in assembly on his trombone.

The football team have gone to play their first game of the term, Good luck!

Bradley Franklin - Journalist of the week

Week Beginning: 14th March 2016

It was great last week!


On Monday KS3 had a reward day. This was for all pupils that had no yellow, orange or red behaviour cards. We were allowed to wear our own clothes. In the morning we were able to choose from a number of different arts and craft activities instead of lessons. In the afternoon we were able to watch the Smurfs DVD.


On Thursdays I go to band practice with Miss Robinson. I play the trombone. We practise and have fun with our instruments. We are practising for the Easter Service.


On Friday all of KS2/3 went to Kidszania in London. We travelled on two big coaches. We were able to pretend to do lots of different jobs. I was a car mechanic, a pilot and then we got paid. I bought a pen in the shop. It was a long day, we didn’t get back until 6.


At school the pupils that were left at school dressed in mufti and took part in Sports Relief activities.

Nwachukwu Umeano - Journalist of the week

Week Beginning: 7th March 2016

It’s been another long week at Weatherfield.


Last week, I went to Inspire Sports Village in Stopsley with a mixed age range of pupils from KS3 and 4. We came first in the swimming section and the others played table cricket. We received gold medals. It was really good but tiring.


On Wednesday, the ‘Kick-Ash’ team visited our school with a morning workshop. KS4 and 5 learnt the nasty facts about smoking and the effect that it has on your body. We were put into groups to design a campaign to inform and encourage pupils not to smoke.


“I learnt lots of facts about why you shouldn’t smoke. The best bit was designing the campaign,” said Sophie Summerfield.


The whole school came together for a Fairtrade assembly. Sainsbury’s from Dunstable supported us with the big breakfast. We had Fairtrade cereal and chocolate bars, with a drink to wash it down. The Fairtrade committee helped to give out the breakfast and clear up the rubbish.


Today was also Head Teacher’s lunch. If you show good manners at meal times the dinner ladies reward you with a certificate and a seat at the Head Teacher’s table. They also received a treat.

Mollie-Mae Firth - Journalist of the week

Week Beginning: 29th February 2016

This week was busy with events and visits in and out of school.


Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day. All the teachers dressed up as pirates and some of them performed a play in assembly. The play was silly, funny and entertaining. Mrs Parris played the captain and her performance was both crazy and silly. Bradley Franklin said that “I enjoyed watching the play.” Shaun Mitchamson liked the part where Mrs Parris tripped up the bench. Mollie Mae Firth was really impressed with the whole play. “It was so funny” she said. There was also a book sale at break time with books bought in by the Vauxhall Car Company in Luton and second hand books from around the Academy.


Students from KS4 went to the winter games, on Friday at the New Stopsley Leisure Centre. The pupils that went took part in the annual swimming gala.


Sixth Form Event

Selected pupils from the sixth form had a taster day at Central Bedfordshire College. They took part in life skills lessons which included shopping at Asda.

After buying the ingredients for the pasta sauce they cooked the meals in the afternoon. The day at college was great and the pasta sauce was delicious.

Andrew Tatton - Journalist of the week

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