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Our Farm


Weatherfield School Farm has built up gradually over several years and offers a vast range of opportunities for all of our pupils. The farm is within the school grounds, we care for rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, ducks, geese, goats and alpacas. We also have a polytunnel, greenhouse and vegetable plots where we grow our own produce. The activities on the farm help the pupils foster an attitude of care and respect towards the animals and plants on the farm, as well as fostering teamwork skills and respect for each other whilst in a working environment. At all times personal skills are being developed e.g. speaking and listening, meeting sensory needs and helping pupils to develop self-awareness and positive behaviours. We also recognise the therapeutic benefits of working and being with animals and plants, as well as participating in a variety of outdoor activities the farm provides.


In Key Stage 2&3 pupils have rural studies lessons in which the pupils will go to the farm and do a range of activities that follow the necessary activities of that particular season, the activities will be discussed and pupils asked questions to deepen their understanding.


In Key Stage 4&5, pupils will have specific lessons at the farm which will include small animal care and horticulture. The pupils will be consolidating and adding to their understanding of animals and plants from Key Stage 3. The pupils will be able to achieve entry-level certificates awarded by the AQA exam board for activities covered throughout their course.

Vegetable, Fruit and Gardens

We take great pride in our school environment, it is through the hard work and dedication of the students supported by the staff that our grounds are so colourful and well kept.


We are proud to have achieved four Eco-Schools Green Flag awards, thanks to the contribution of the whole school community, particularly our thriving Eco-Monitors group. We have also been directly involved with Anglia in Bloom and Dunstable in Bloom for many years and have achieved many awards.

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