A special message from the Head Teacher

For those of you who do not know about Weatherfield Academy, we are a special school with 164 students. The Academy has an excellent learning environment looked after almost entirely by the students themselves.

Our Academy is for young people who find it difficult to maintain their progress in mainstream educational settings due to a recognised Cognition & Learning Delay (see entry criteria).

The Academy is set up in the same way as a mainstream school. Many visitors state that they feel they are in a mainstream setting when they tour the classes and facilities. This is something we strive to maintain.

All young people who attend Weatherfield Academy have an SEND Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). The small class groups at our Academy linked to specialist teaching and support give the young person an opportunity to work with peers and build a set of life skills from which to approach their future.

Young people aged 7 to 19 years currently attend Weatherfield Academy. The classes are divided into age-appropriate groups with different social areas and a curriculum tailored for younger and older students.

Teaching and Learning is innovative and the core lessons take place during the morning to include English, Maths and Computing. Life and social skills are integrally taught across the Academy, these include personal safety, protective behaviour, manners and relationships.

During the afternoon learning sessions, a vibrant Creative Curriculum runs across the Primary and Key Stage 3 age range. Key Stage 4 and 5 students are able to select from a range of qualifications. Accreditations and examination outcomes are excellent given the relative starting points of the pupils we strive to challenge every young person to reach the highest possible levels.

This is reflected by pupils and staff across all age ranges at Weatherfield Academy. It is our
main focus for all to ‘Become the Best Person They Can Be’.

Mr J Selmes
Head Teacher