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Multi-Disciplinary Support

Over a number of years, a highly skilled team of specialists has been developed to support the pupils and their families at Weatherfield Academy.  This has been supported by a local Trust, The Connolly Foundation' and has developed into 'the right support in the right place at the right time' for our learners. 


This highly skilled team is based at Weatherfield Academy throughout the week and brings the following: 


  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Speech & Language Therapist

  • Play Therapist

  • Music Therapist 

  • Interventions in Learning 

  • Counselling

Learners and their families are referred to this system via the Leadership Team, and bespoke interventions are offered to individuals or small groups of pupils working together.  Much of their work is embedded over time, with an aim of encouraging engagement, with learning in structures for emotional safety. 


Instead of using tutors for the 'Pupil Led Tutoring' Scheme, we have used our Multi-Disciplinary Team to engage and develop pupils on their learning journey.  This will continue and grow in the coming years. 


We greatly value this specialist support which is embedded through all age ranges throughout the Academy.

Our Multi-disciplinary Team
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