Pupils Premium was reviewed in February 2019, mid academic year, for impact from the previous year and spending for the current year.


A Statement of Pupil Premium at Weatherfield Academy

Pupil Premium at Weatherfield Academy has been linked through the individual's provision mapping to deliver activities so that the spending is tailored to meet the needs of the child as they develop through the academy.

The headteacher has worked with the local authority to advise other schools of Pupil Premium spending within SEND. The ethos of the spending is as follows:

1. To have a long-lasting effect on the education and engagement of the young person.

2. To continue over a period of years to make a gradual difference to the provision that the young person can engage in.

3. To encourage engagement and assist in care.

4. To encourage healthy options in current and future life.

5. To offer opportunities in extra-curricular time that would not be possible without the funding given the nature of the background of the young person.

Our data shows the following in summary:

1. Pupil Premium students at Weatherfield Academy exceed beyond expectations.

2. Their progress and achievement has overtaken that of pupils not receiving additional funding.

3. Boys exceed girls in their progress in outcomes given access to the provision mapping with the funding.

Weatherfield Academy has used information, such as the Local Authority Balding Survey and SHEU data collated through questionnaires and working with families and pupils, to identify areas where spending can be channelled and focused to make the most difference to those pupils.

The continuity of spending enables structure to be placed around the young person to help engagement and opportunities for families in order for the young person to make progress in their education. This has been most evident with our outcomes in the following areas:

1. Family links through The Base.

2. Additional class opportunities monitored through provision mapping.

3. Joined up agency, safeguarding and pastoral work, eg SORTED counselling, The Base intervention with trained counsellors. Data from questionnaires has been used to pinpoint self-confidence, personal concerns and help issues that young people face at Weatherfield Academy (and usually nationally) in order to enhance social and emotional aspects of learning.

4. Academically, one to one support and tracking using Learning Ladders and provision mapping have enhanced academic progress so that Pupil Premium students now achieve better than national Pupil Premium pupils throughout all age ranges in the academy.

Mr J Selmes


Weatherfield Academy

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