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Key Stage 5 (6th Form) consists of five classes. These classes are 5CP, 5KP, 5EM, 5IF and 5WK with 56 students in total.​



Mrs Patterson

Head of KS5/Class Teacher

S Dawkins.jpg

Mr Dawkins

Trainee Teacher

M Samm (2).jpg

Mr Samm

Cover Supervisor

S Berresford (2).jpg

Ms Berresford

Teaching Assistant



Mrs Parris

Class Teacher

L Madden.jpg

Mr Madden

Teaching Assistant

F Nadaie.JPG

Miss Nedaie

Teaching Assistant


E Mohammed.jpg

Miss Mohammed

Class Teacher

A Dickinson.jpg

Miss Dickinson

Teaching Assistant


I Ferguson.jpg

Mrs Ferguson

Class Teacher

L Caughie (2).JPG

Mr Caughie

Teaching Assistant



Mr Kydd

Class Teacher

J Harding (2).jpg

Mr Harding

Teaching Assistant

About Key Stage 5

"Ready for Work"

The main focus in Key Stage 5 is to prepare our young people to be ‘ready for work;’ this includes furthering their education, preparing for college, apprenticeships, supported internships and work placements.


Students can stay in Key Stage 5 for 1, 2 or 3 years in years 12, 13 and 14. During this time we develop their academic, functional and life skills in preparing them for their next stage.

Life skills linked to employment, independent living, community and inclusion and health are at the forefront of our curriculum under the Preparing for Adulthood theme. Support and guidance are the keys for students and their families in transition from Weatherfield Academy to ensure they have the capacity to be as independent as possible in all areas.

The students build on all the skills they have learned during their journey at Weatherfield Academy and continue to develop them to the best they can, these include: -​

  • Structured routine offering personalised learning to meet the needs of each individual student

  • Self-belief, confidence and self-esteem continue to be nurtured for all students

  • Managing emotions and feelings as our young people grow up is vital in self-development

  • We expect all students to ‘try their best’ at all times

  • We expect all students to be respectful to everyone around them

Curriculum Content

  • Our option subjects include:

  • Creative Arts including Dance, Drama and Art

  • College Café work experience

  • Houghton Hall work experience

  • Employability and Personal Social Development (PSD)

  • Site maintenance

  • Life Skills and Cookery

  • Entry Level PE/Walking Football

  • Horticulture/Animal Care

  • Hair and Beauty

  • Computing

  • Duke of Edinburgh

  • Swimming/Independent Travel

  • Humanities

  • Science

  • Music

Self-Management, Conduct and Rewards

Key Stage 5 students enjoy celebrating their week every Friday. Students achieve certificates, green cards and house points for all their hard work and efforts across the whole curriculum both educationally and socially.


Each class celebrates the house points achieved and the students get to choose their different reward activities which can include: - playing games, football, computer games and enjoying some well-deserved free time. Certificates of achievement are issued to students to celebrate their individual and class successes.

KS5 Self-Management, Conduct and Rewardsur
Class Timetables
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