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Key Stage 4


There are currently four classes in Key Stage 4: 4MH, 4JL, 4AS and 4SQ, consisting of 39 pupils.


M Harrington (2).jpg

Mrs Harrington

Class Teacher

K Brooks.JPG

Miss Brooks

Teaching Assistant



Mr Leer

Class Teacher


Ms T Dixon

Teaching Assistant

H Nunn (2).JPG

Miss Nunn

Teaching Assistant


A Stackhouse.jpg

Mr Stackhouse

Class Teacher

G Davies.jpg

Mrs Davies

Teaching Assistant


S Quinn.JPG

Mrs Quinn

Class Teacher

D Coleman.jpg

Miss Coleman

Teaching Assistant

T Freeman (2).JPG

Mrs Freeman

Teaching Assistant

About Key Stage 4

"Ready for my Future"

Our focus within KS4 is to ensure our young people are ‘Ready for the Future’. Using independence skills gained in KS3 they will be able, some with support, to make decisions to aid them in the future. Our young people will be building on strategies to support their own emotional and social well-being and using these skills to access work experience. 


The curriculum is designed to allow experience in a range of practical subjects, to assist them in moving forward, better skills and knowledge in different areas of the curriculum, and ensure they are ‘Ready for the Future’. They will continue to build on these skills moving forward to 6th form or college.

Practical Learning

We have our activity afternoons on Wednesday and Thursday. We are introducing a 'carousel' system this year, to give you a range of experiences and skills, accessing two different practical learning lessons every half-term (one on Wednesday and one on Thursday). They are Cooking, Rural studies, Art, Sewing, Computing, Health and Social Care, Childcare, Food, Dance and Design Technology. New for September 2022: Music. Pupils will be working towards a variety of AQA unit awards within these practical learning groups.

Qualification Opportunities

All students in KS4 will be challenged at an appropriate level using a range of qualifications which include:

  • AQA Maths Coursework - Entry Level 1, 2, and 3 

  • Edexcel English, IT, and Maths Functional Skills, Entry level 1, 2, and 3, Level 1 and 2. 

  • For a select few, there is the opportunity to complete GCSE in Maths. 

  • AQA unit Awards will be available in all practical lessons, PSHE, Science, Humanities and RE.

Self-Management, Conduct and Rewards

We continue to expect good behaviour in KS4. Students will gain reward points for attendance, equipment, uniform and effort. Green cards are awarded for something ‘above and beyond’ what is expected. Points will be deducted for negative behaviours and plenty of warning is given before we issue a Red card, this results in a lunch or after-school detention. 


Behaviour is rewarded – we organise a reward visit each term, for those with a certain amount of points and beyond, past trips have been Laser Quest, safari park, picnic and pizza in the park. We all have a lot of fun in KS4!

KS4 Self-Management, Conduct and Rewards
Class Timetables
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