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About Our Library

Here at Weatherfield Academy, our aim is to promote reading for pleasure and we are fortunate to have a purpose-built library in the heart of the school. With over 3000 books, every student will have the opportunity to access a comprehensive range of books, magazines, and a weekly newspaper.

Library Club

We have a weekly library club where students from all key stages can take time to relax and enjoy the calm surroundings with their favourite book.


Students will be rewarded for borrowing a specified number of books with a certificate in our weekly celebration assembly. In addition, a termly Library Trophy Award rewards the person who has made the most progress with reading and is using the library in the most efficient way.

Silver Reading Award New-1.jpg
Gold Reading Award New.jpg
School Librarian of the Year Award

The 'School Librarian of the Year Award' is the SLA's prestigious honour to recognise the excellent work that is carried out in school libraries every day, and to highlight the best practice of those whose work is outstanding. Our school librarian, Mrs Millett, won the award and became School Librarian of the Year 2015.

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