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Lizzie Harbach

I am lucky enough to have just had a short visit to Weatherfield as the final part of my PGCE course, and I wanted to say how incredibly impressed I was by absolutely everything I saw. The staff couldn't have been more welcoming, and I was able to experience a number of opportunities that are available to the children, from therapeutic play and music therapy to gardening, swimming, PE, feeding the hens and collecting eggs at the wonderful smallholding and, of course, a variety of interesting and stimulating lessons. What struck me most, was the care and patience shown by the staff, who clearly know each child as an individual and treat them as such. The class sizes are small, and it feels very much like a mainstream school in many ways, with high expectations for each pupil. The children themselves were polite, engaging and positive. Weatherfield is clearly a fairly unique school and a real gem. Well done to all of you!

Tracey McNally and Penny Field
Great Northern Road Dental Clinic

We attended the academy on Wednesday 30th October 2019 and were given a tour of the school by a sixth form student, who was very knowledgeable, this was prior to our session starting. We were very impressed with the schools ethos and facilities for the students. In particular, the politeness and attitude of all the students we came in contact with. Thank you again for the invitation to visit you. Please do not hesitate to contact our practice if we can be of any assistance in the future.

Braden Clamp
Resources Development Manager - Young Money

I was conducting focus groups with SEND students to help in the development of financial education teaching resources. Weatherfield Academy kindly invited me to work with their students and teachers for a day. The students were exceptionally well behaved, and the teachers were extremely helpful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend the day in an exceptional school!

Sasha Groves
Limitless by Mencap

I help facilitate a weekly social group for people with learning disabilities called Limitless. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank both the pupils and staff who attend for the way they conduct themselves. They are courteous, polite, articulate and kind and it’s great to see your pupils ‘let their hair down’ and have an awesome time! We look forward to welcoming them back each time and they really are a credit to your school. Thanks again!

Carol Robinson
University of Brighton

I'd like to say very many thanks to the staff and students at Weatherfield Academy who made my visit to the school on Thursday 31st January 2019, so enjoyable. It was wonderful to feel the vibrant, happy atmosphere throughout the school. Very positive staff-student relationships were evident, as was the dedication of the staff team and the great deal of care they show towards every student. A fantastic school!

Vicki Brooks
Trainee Teacher - University of Hertfordshire

I spent a wonderful day visiting your school and met the most fantastic children and staff. It really was quite an inspirational day for me. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity

Steph and Leon
Hear2listenCIC NCSBEDS

After seeing the Weatherfield Academy assembly we were absolutely amazed at all the students and how engaged and involved they were.


We found as an organisation attending schools regularly this was one of the best assemblies we have been to, it was so nice to see how comfortable these young people were with coming up and speaking in front of the whole school.


We would also like to thank the students for bringing in all the food for the food bank to help the 6th formers complete part of the project.  


It was a pleasure to see the assembly and all the staff and students are a credit to your school and we look forward to working with you again in the future helping your young people get the future they deserve. 

Steve Bromley
Former Pupil

I couldn't speak more highly of this school. It's done a lot for me putting me out into the big wide world. Since leaving I have done stuff many people said I wouldn't; I got married, I have a full-time job, a daughter, a house and the car of my dreams. I would never have had the confidence to do many of the things I have done if it wasn't for this school :)


Thank you, everyone, at Weatherfield Academy.

Darren Ward
The Pretend Grass Company

We have carried out a number of projects at the academy over the years, most recently installing the 4G sports pitch, and would just like to thank the amazing staff and pupils for making each and every project a pleasure to work on. All the staff are fantastically friendly and accommodating, and the behaviour and manners of the pupils set a standard that in our opinion, every school should strive to achieve.


Thank you again to all.

Detective Sergeant Maxted
Chelsea's Choice (Production)

We have carried out a number of projects at the academy over the years, most recently installing the 4G sports pitch, and would just like to thank the amazing staff and pupils for making each and every project a pleasure to work on. All the staff are fantastically friendly and accommodating, and the behaviour and manners of the pupils sets a standard that in our opinion, every school should strive to achieve.


Thank you again to all.

Magda Charlton
Operations Office for DofE

My name is Magda Charlton and I am the new DofE Operations Officer looking after the Bedfordshire area. Weatherfield Academy became an independent centre licensed to deliver The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in April 2014 and since then we’ve seen first young people start and achieve their Bronze Awards and plan on progressing to Silver. DofE works with the schools to guide and support them so that they can develop and grow from strength to strength which I am sure, after my visit, that Weatherfield Academy will. On my first visit to the Academy, I had a chance to meet with the wonderful staff who make it possible in the academy for the young people to get involved and through fun and hard work ‘become the best person they can be’. I’ve also had a unique opportunity to get a guided tour around the school with three lovely young ladies. From classrooms and corridors to Hobbit houses and the farm, no stone was left unturned! It was absolutely fantastic to be able to hear your stories of cold, wet tents, midnight feasts and cakes at the end of the expeditions!


I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Carol Patterson and other members of staff for making me feel welcomed and to Becky Hart, Sophie Norman and Rebecca Routledge for an insightful tour (and thank you for walking me to the reception, I am not sure if I would have been able to find my own way!).

Helen Copeland
Shilington Lower School

Thank you so much for our guided tour and talk around your wonderful school. I look forward to visiting again very soon with a prospective pupil. 


Well done to Weatherfield Academy. I'd like to give a big thank you to the team that took me on a tour of the school on Tuesday. It was very well planned to show me all the things you have been doing: from big things like installing solar panels to the smaller things like making paper blocks, composting, and learning about fairly traded products. You are very lucky to have inspiring teachers who help you run your Eco-School and its farm and friends like the town ranger and eco-governor. And they are lucky to have kind, interested, and talkative pupils like you who are clearly learning a lot as you care for each other, the resources the school uses, and the plants and animals on the school grounds. You have made much progress as an Eco-Schools since my last visit so WELL DONE to you all.


A truly inspirational Eco-School.


Please keep up the hard work!

Rhys Williams
Vauxhall Enterprise Group

On behalf of the Undergraduates and myself, I would like to thank the students from Weatherfield academy for taking part in the event. It was refreshing to see so many students (and staff!) taking part in the event. Their enthusiasm shone through and an abundance of creative and original ideas were produced by all participating teams. I would like to once again express my thanks to the students and staff for welcoming us to their school, all undergraduates were pleasantly surprised at the welcome we received and the engagement in the activity!

I would personally like to express my thanks to Mrs Patterson for liaising with me and allowing the activity to take place. It really was a pleasure to lead the event and hopefully, more visits can take place in the future to benefit all students at the academy!

J. Richards

After encountering numerous SEN schools that didn't meet my son's needs it was purely by chance I found Weatherfield Academy. We set about visiting and were completely blown away by the friendliness, uniqueness, commitment, professionalism and understanding of staff. The children are happy, polite and eager to meet my son. We are looking forward to joining the Weatherfield family after half term. I have reassurance I will be leaving my son in capable, confident hands and hope he finally enjoys going to school where he can be understood and nurtured. 

Andrew Jeffrey
NCETM Professional Development Accredited Lead

My trip to Weatherfield was fantastic; everyone was so relaxed and welcoming, relationships seemed strong and sincere, and I left feeling inspired by pupils and staff alike. OFSTED only awarding good for behaviour was a mystery to me; this was such a warm and loving environment!

Mrs McGrath

In response to Maths homework: Again, I am so impressed with how Alfie's numeracy skills have improved. He completed this without any help, he just needed section 7 explaining. Previously, he would have needed to use a number line or hundred-square for these sums, but he worked them out in his head. He also completed the sheet in one sitting, which would not have been a possibility a short while ago.

Gemma and Ashleigh
4YP Youth Workers

We really enjoy working with the young people from Weatherfield Academy Sixth Form. The atmosphere in the school is lovely; the staff and students are really friendly and welcoming. The young people support each other in their work and put a lot of effort into the tasks that they are set. The support systems in the school are fantastic; young people are able to get the help they need, both academically and emotionally, Running the Princes Trust XL Club at Weatherfield is one of the highlights of our week.

Jo Cuthbert
Teaching Assistant, Larkrise Academy

I just wanted to email you to say thank you again for showing me around your wonderful school. The children all looked so happy, confident and accomplished in all they were doing and this had to be due to all the care, hard work and commitment you and the rest of the staff put in.


I am sorry I kept saying 'wow' to everyone but I really was amazed by everything I saw today and you really all do have every right to feel pride in your school.


Please thank the staff and children for their warm welcome as I was shown around Weatherfield.


Thank you again.

Andy Stokes

The moment I parked my car and walked into the reception area I felt something different at Weatherfield Academy; there was a peacefulness and calmness from the tone and nature of the staff. There was a clear sense of encouragement for pupils to work independently and a real sense of purpose and responsibility for their school.


The pupils I worked with were engaging, enthusiastic and fun. They were clear about what they wanted to say and articulate enough to express it. I was proudly shown around the whole school by one of the sixth form pupils who wanted to introduce me to everyone - something that was clear from the response of others - quite a normal thing to do.


Weatherfield embraced this project from the beginning, supporting large numbers of pupils to participate in giving their views about the SEND services they receive and what they would like to be different. The pupils participated enthusiastically and confidently in the leadership workshops at the school and the 'Have Your Say' workshop with the professionals, due in no small part to the support from the Head Teacher, Mr Selmes, and the Head of 6th Form, Mrs Patterson - and all the staff in making this project happen.


Wonderful experience with wonderful kids - congratulations to you all!

Sarah Walker, Ben Palmer and Esta Orchard
Shortland-Palmer Consultancy

On behalf of Shortland-Palmer Consultancy, we would like to express our sincere thanks for your school's involvement in the project regarding the 'Effective and Meaningful Participation of Children and Young People with SEND in Central Bedfordshire'.


Please would you pass on a huge thank you to all the young people at Weatherfield Academy for their enthusiasm and willingness to get involved both with activities in school and at our recent launch at the Forest Centre at half-term. Your young people made a positive, lasting impression on our representatives from Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group. They should feel proud of how they participated and the extremely valuable contribution which they have made to such an important piece of work.


We hope that, in time, young people will participate in the co-production of services as a matter of course. The project is now moving into an implementation phase, this will include a presentation to the Council at the beginning of December and we hope to involve some young people in this presentation. We will also look to involve young people in contributing to the design of a young people's Local Offer and will be contacting you in this regard.


We also wish to thank the staff at the school for their commitment to this project, they have helped to enable young people to participate and certainly the project would not have progressed as it has without their help, thank you.


Finally, we will provide the school with a copy of our report including strategy and recommendations once it is finalised and we will contact you again regarding this project to build on the good work which has already been achieved.


Many thanks to you all.

Megan Hutchinson

I have volunteered at Weatherfield Academy for almost 2 years now and have absolutely loved every moment of it. The staff are friendly and the pupils polite, and the experience has boosted my confidence massively. If I could, I would do it all over again. Thank you!

Cathy Drew

A really forward-thinking Academy, where the pupils achieve outstanding results given where they start from. I was amazed by the environment, engagement and behaviour. A truly amazing place. You should all be so proud of what you are achieving. I also like the information on the website.

Keep up the great work.

Cherie Denton

I volunteered to read with pupils at Weatherfield. I have had 4 pupils each week. The improvement these students have made over the last year is so noticeable, the teachers really do have time and patience for every child. They all seem to know them so well and there is huge respect from the pupils. I have noticed the confidence grow in the pupils I see. I was delighted when one of my regular readers won a prize for 'Most Improved Reader'. It was wonderful for her.

Lynne Lloyd

As a parent of a child at Weatherfield for 6 years now, I have been to a number of assemblies, but last week's was the best yet. It was such a positive assembly, all about the children and celebrating their efforts and achievements. I particularly liked the new sports awards, which not only celebrated sporting excellence, but also outstanding effort and perseverance in sports. I was so proud of the pupils and the passion shown by staff, A truly inspiring morning.

Miss T Wells

Since starting Weatherfield Academy, my child has progressed in so many ways, leaving us relieved and so happy that we made the right decision in transferring him from mainstream. Although he was statemented and receiving some support in mainstream, he was struggling and falling behind his peers in all areas and he was becoming more aware of this. But, since starting Weatherfield Academy, he has made huge improvements in his reading and spelling, showing real pride in his achievements. He loves coming home and showing us the stars he's earned and the things he's done. Finally, we are getting feedback from him. He also has a lovely group of friends he socialises with. Knowing that he feels happy and safe, whilst progressing in his learning and abilities all confirms that this was the best move we could have made for him.

Teresa Henry

My daughter transferred from mainstream to Weatherfield Academy in September 2013. It was the best decision I could possibly have made for her. She feels comfortable and secure and as a result, is making good progress. She has good friends and is happy. I am so impressed by the support that she has received and I am overwhelmed by the support I have been given. Weatherfield have gone above and beyond the call of duty and I have not looked back since the day she started.

Michelle Judkins

I have been so inspired with the level of teaching and the ease of the approachable staff and the whole ethos.

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