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Learning Pathway

Key Stage 2

‘Ready to learn’

Students will begin to identify key parts of different technology while improving their motor skills.
Students will work on a creative curriculum; developing their mouse control and drag and drop skills aiding students to begin developing their problem-solving skills.
Throughout the key stage, students will learn how to use basic word processing programmes while developing their skills for the Level 2 Computing Driving Licence.

Key Stage 3

‘Ready for Independence

Students will begin to develop their critical thinking by developing their programming skills through hands-on practical experiences.

Throughout their computing pathway, students' understanding of information technology will grow and develop through using data handling and word processing.

Students will begin their photography skills by creating photo stories that will develop their planning and presentation skills through an opportunity to grow their creativity. Photography provides transferable skills that the students will then take to cross curricular activities.

It is vital during their pathway that students continue to learn about e-safety.

Key Stage 4

‘Ready for my future’

Computing capability is an essential skill for life and enables learners to participate more readily in a rapidly changing world. At Weatherfield we notice how the world is using technology more and more each day and we realise it is important for students to gain confidence in this area. In KS4, students will begin to deepen their understanding of the way computers work and how best to use them.

In Key Stage 4, students will spend a half term on Computing, having weekly lessons. Within these lessons, they will work towards their functional skills awards. Students will continue to learn about the importance of staying safe online while experimenting with programming too.

Key Stage 5

‘Ready for Work’

In KS5, students are preparing themselves for work. Students in Key Stage 5 continue to develop their Computing/ICT knowledge, skills and understanding along with their levels of progress and accreditation gained in Key Stage 4 and before.

Accreditation includes: -
Entry Level Functional Skills
Level 1 and 2 Functional Skills
Computing/ICT areas covered: -

Word processing, Using ICT, Finding and Selecting Information, Developing, presenting and communicating

information, Microsoft PowerPoint, drawing tools in Microsoft and Excel

All these areas covered allow the students to develop their skills necessary for future employment opportunities.

Curriculum Content

Curriculum content shows the topics that each key stage will be working on for the year. Click the key stage you wish to preview.

Computing Enrichment Opportunities

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E-Safety Enrichment Opportunities

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If you would like further information about our Computing curriculum please contact Miss A Slough, Computing coordinator via the Academy office or by email: