Learning Pathway

Key Stage 2

‘Ready to learn’

Students in Key Stage 2 will learn about warming up and cooling down before their dance routines. They will be taught through teacher-led routines and through peer dance. The dance curriculum will have cross-curricular links through both English and maths as the themed book will be incorporated into their dance routines. Other cross-curricular links include counting and keeping in time with the music.

Throughout their dances, Key Stage 2 students will be taught how to stay safe and avoid hazards while dancing. They will be given an opportunity to observe others and evaluate their own dancing. 

Students will be given the option to use props and equipment in their dances while remaining safe. Students will recognise the importance of healthy lifestyles while ensuring they understand what is healthy and unhealthy food.​

Key stage 2 students aim to show one performance per year either at the School Fete, in a whole-school assembly or to other classes.

Key Stage 4

‘Ready for My Future’

Dance in KS4, is offered within the options carousel. Students will be continuing to build on skills acquired during their KS3 dance lessons. They will be encouraged to work as a group to develop an idea from a starting point, using their team building and choreography skills, or independently, creating an expressional dance to a given brief.


Students will be focussing on movement and how we can use our bodies to create a story to a piece of music, within dance. They will be building skills for their fine and gross motor skills development, and improving their hand-eye coordination, linking with our PE curriculum and assessments. 


Students will be encouraged to freely explore movement to music, gaining confidence to, potentially, build up to a final showpiece. 


These skills are transferable across the curriculum and are essential to our well being, mental and physical health


Cross-curricular Onwards and Upwards links - PE, English, Maths, and PSHCE

Key Stage 5

‘Ready for Work’

During the academic year, students in Key Stage 5 will be working towards AQA Unit Awards such as Dance warm-up; with assistance, Explore Emotions through Performing Arts and Developing Dance and Performance Skills. Alongside this students will learn about safety in Dance, including warm-ups and cool-downs, injury prevention and hazards.


Dance lessons will be teacher-led and student choreographed after learning how to plan, perform and evaluate dance routines. Students will learn about a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and an understanding of good fitness ensuring they understand why it is important to exercise.

During the academic year, students will have a visitor from an aerobics instructor and will take part in a school trip to a musical theatre looking at the different styles of dance.

The styles of Dance that students will take part in include circus skills to street dance.

Curriculum Content

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Enrichment Opportunities

See below links for further opportunities for your child to progress their learning in Dance.


Youtube - Just Dance

Youtube - DJ Raphi

If you would like further information about our Dance curriculum please contact Miss Ashley, Dance coordinator via the Academy office or by email: