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Food Technology

Learning Pathway

Lower School

‘Ready for independence

Pupils will continue to develop their skills throughout the journey in the Lower School. They will continue to prepare and cook healthy meals in a safe place.

Pupils will develop their practical skills by completing activities set to a topic or theme over the term. Pupils will recap basic skills for example chopping, peeling, and stirring.

 Pupils will have been given the opportunity to learn how to create simple dishes they could cook at home.

Pupils will learn about growing food items on the farm and will use these in the food lessons they will discuss food topics like food miles, and soil to plate.

Key Stage 4

‘Ready for my Future’

Food within KS4 is planned and focused on students achieving AQA accreditations. They will be continuing and improving on set skills acquired on their journey through the school. Students will be encouraged, where possible, to be independent with their decision-making and given the opportunities to choose the dishes they cook. Hopefully empowering them to take ownership.

 Students will look at budging within food lessons, looking at the cost of ingredients and overheads.

At the end of KS4, students will know a range of dishes they should be able to make safely on their own for themselves or family members.

Key Stage 5

‘Ready for Work'

In KS5, food lessons are included in our life skills curriculum.

As students near the end of their journey through Weatherfield Academy, it is important for them to have the knowledge and understanding to make good food choices.


Emphasis is on being able to independently cater for their own needs, be able to read and follow instructions and maintain a clean working area.


Students will take part in budgeting for these sessions and also be able to shop and identify ways to save money and run a household.


Through the ASDAN life skills challenges, they are able to personalise their own learning.

Curriculum Content

Curriculum content shows the topics that each key stage will be working on for the year. Click the key stage you wish to preview.

If you would like further information about our Food Technology curriculum please contact Ms G Kilbey, Leader of Food Technology, via the Academy office or by email:

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