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International Schools

About Us

International schools aim is to encourage students to learn about children around the world. Providing cultural learning experiences through both individual class learning and whole academy activities, which we have presented to each other in assemblies. We continue to explore languages, foods, cultures, fashion, landmarks and celebrations. We have had the opportunity to link with the computers for everyone charity (CAFFE) which is based in Bangladesh, and we hope to make further links in the future.

International school representatives meet to discuss future learning activities for the students to continue their learning journey. 

Weatherfield Academy has earned the Foundation Level for International Schools Award and we are working towards the Intermediate Level Award for International Schools.

Current International Schools representatives:

2PG - Riley C
3SQ - Kartik S
3NP - Archie W
3AS - Alexandra M
3AC - Molly B

3SP - Sophie B
4JL - Adam D
4KO - Aidan O'C
4AS - Usman K
4SA - Shannon B
5CP - Grace F/Sam O'C
5KP - Ameena S
5IF - Dawn D
5EM - Andrei L
5WK - Adam W

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