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At Weatherfield Academy, we aim to help each pupil develop, as far as possible, the knowledge, skills and understanding in maths, which will provide life skills needed throughout adult life. We will give each pupil every opportunity to achieve their very best. We feel that providing a positive learning environment and celebrating success will encourage pupils to secure an understanding of maths.

Maths lessons are taught in many different ways, using books, games, real life examples and IT. We provide all pupils with a weekly, dedicated 'money' lesson. This lesson provides pupils with the life skills they will need for their journey through life.

We are happy to announce that we have been awarded the 'Centre of Excellence Award in Financial Education', one of fewer than eighty schools in the country.

Vision Statement

Financial education for our pupils means being able to manage their money to the best of their ability, confidence and competence. The Programme of Study is developed to allow our pupils to access a systematic, differentiated and meaningful programme.


The Financial Education Programme of Study is underpinned by Government Policy and independent reviews. We will incorporate the skills and knowledge that our students require to empower them to manage their own finances as independently as possible.

We will continually develop and improve our curriculum to meet the ever-changing needs of our pupils in relation to the ‘world around them.’

At Weatherfield Academy whatever your level of Mathematics we can guide and support you throughout your learning.

We offer a wide range of Mathematical Qualifications from Entry Level to Foundation GCSE. The Learning Pathway we offer will ensure a successful and rewarding experience for all students of all learning styles and abilities.

We believe that everyone can be successful in Mathematics and with our Learning Pathway we can help all students to achieve the highest level they possibly can.

Other Information

If you would like further information about our Maths curriculum please contact Mrs Carol Patterson, Joint Mathematics Co-ordinator or Miss Charlotte Fisher, Joint Mathematics Co-ordinator via the Academy office or by email: (Mrs Patterson) (Miss Fisher)

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