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Accessing Google Classroom via Xbox and Playstation

Google Classroom can be opened on your Xbox or Playstation. There isn’t an app that you can add to your console. Instead, you will have to use the built-in browser that comes on the two devices.

• On Xbox, it is Microsoft Edge.

• On PlayStation, it is the “www” browser.

You will probably know how to find the browser on your console, but if not, each one has a search function you can access on the home screen.

Once the browser has been opened:

1. Type in in the URL bar.

2. A prompt for a Google account will appear.

3. Type in your school email and password

4. The Classroom home screen will open up.

If you have a keyboard and mouse you can plug in, you will have a much easier time with navigating. Otherwise, you will have to use your controller to click on the classroom tiles, open up assignments, and type.


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