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Eco-Monitors Litter Picking

Eco-Monitors went out to the Dunstable Cemetery on Thursday the 24th of March, to clear up litter. There were a lot of things we've found on our litter picking journies, ranging from cans, bottle caps, masks, and lots more!

Councillors from Central Bedfordshire and Dunstable Town came along, including the Friends of the Cemetery and Central Bedfordshire Council officers.

We used litter grabbers and plastic bags. We were able to collect altogether 8 full bags of litter. Along the way, we were congratulated and praised by members of the public.

Well done to all who took part!

Current Eco-Monitors Representatives:

2FM - Joseph B

2AG - Jamie M

3NP - Zofeya D

3AC - Callum R

3SQ - James H

3CA - Olivia D

3AS - Jenson W

4JL - Rhianna E

4KO - Austin M

4AS - Gabrielle A

4SP - Evelyn B

5CP - Joshua N

5KP - Jack W

5IF - Luke H

5EM - Jack P

5JY - Adam F

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