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Farm Update Summer 2023: Exciting Happenings at the Farm!

Welcome to the latest update on our school farm at Weatherfield Academy. With the sun shining down upon us, there are plenty of fantastic developments to share with you this month. From stylish alpacas and prolific chickens to upcoming goat vaccinations, there's no shortage of excitement!

Happy Alpacas and Their Cool New Haircuts

Our adorable alpacas are thrilled to sport their fresh haircuts, adding a touch of style to the farm. With their updated 'dos, our alpacas not only look fabulous but can better cope with the warmer weather. Rest assured, they're basking in the sunshine, grazing contentedly, and spreading joy amongst the students and staff alike.

Egg-citing News: The Laying Hens

Our productive laying hens have been hard at work, filling our baskets with an abundance of delicious, farm-fresh eggs. Thanks to their fruitful efforts, we've raised a substantial amount of money towards a new and spacious run for Tiger, our beloved guinea pig. The hens' incredible contributions have not only enriched our school farm but also taught our students valuable lessons about responsibility and reaping the rewards of hard work.

A Helping Hand: Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 Volunteers Needed!

Looking ahead, our farm's goats are due for their 6-month vaccinations next week. To ensure a smooth process, we're reaching out to the wonderful students of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 for their kind assistance. This presents a fantastic opportunity for our older students to gain hands-on experience in animal care while contributing to the well-being of our lovable goat residents. We're grateful for every helping hand and can't wait to see our students engage with these valuable real-world learning experiences.

Stay tuned for future updates as we embark on more exciting projects and continue to nurture the bonds between our students and the animals on our school farm.

Until next time, happy farming!


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