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Religious Education (RE)

Learning Pathway

RE (Religion and Worldviews) is taught for an hour once a week across the Lower School and Key Stage 4.

Lower School

‘Ready for Independence

As pupils progress through the Lower School, they will build upon their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the different religions and worldviews.


Pupils will develop their knowledge and skills in understanding beliefs and worldviews, as they are encouraged to begin to take a more ethical and philosophical outlook. They will use more subject-specific vocabulary when studying the national, global, as well as local contexts. 


Pupils in the Lower School will begin to unpack questions of significance, including taking a deeper look into why people see life as a journey, how faith is expressed, and why people worship. They will encounter a variety of learning experiences, enabling them to raise questions and express their own ideas and views. 


Respect, tolerance and acceptance of difference continue to be key aspects of the Religion and Worldviews curriculum, and all pupils are expected to show mutual respect towards different cultures as part of British Values and Cultural Capital.

Key Stage 4

‘Ready for my Future’

When students reach KS4, they will further extend their knowledge and understanding of religions and worldviews. During their lessons, they will be introduced to a range of sources and subject-specific vocabulary.


They will be encouraged to be curious and to ask increasingly challenging questions about religion, beliefs, values and human life. Students will look at deeper topics such as poverty and justice, creation and science, religious inspiration, and what matters most to Humanists.

Our students will learn to weigh up the value of wisdom from different sources, to develop and express their insights in response and to agree or disagree respectfully.


They will have half termly opportunities to complete an AQA accreditation for the topics covered across the year. 


All of our students are expected to show mutual respect and tolerance towards different cultures.

Key Stage 5

‘Ready for Work’

Although KS5 students do not take part in Religion and Worldviews as part of their formal curriculum, pupils are still taught the importance of British values and different faiths within our community. 


Our students will take an ASDAN award in Beliefs and Values over the year.

Curriculum Content

Curriculum content shows the topics that each key stage will be working on for the year. Click the key stage you wish to preview.

Enrichment Opportunities

All pupils across the academy will be given the opportunity to extend their knowledge in the subject by visiting places of worship or having faith speakers in school.

See below the opportunities to extend learning in Religious Education.

BBC Bitesize R.E (Primary - GCSE level)




RE Online

If you would like further information about our RE curriculum please contact Mrs S Payne, Leader of RE, via the Academy office or by email:

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