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Weatherfield Academy establishes and develops a high culture of trust so that each student’s engagement with communication and learning can be successful. The KS3 nurture and academic based curriculum ensures that:

  • ​Each student’s learning is understood on an individual basis. The classroom offers a safe base with a structured day and clear routine.

  • Self-esteem is developed and self-confidence promoted through engagement in a wide range of learning activities with promotes achievement personal to each individual.

  • Students are encouraged to develop independent skills and learn to manage their emotions and feelings.

  • We expect every student to work their hardest in KS3 in order to achieve their very best learning and make progress in the academy.

  • We expect every student to be well dressed and well prepared for the school day ahead.

  • We expect that every child will treat others as they would like to be treated themselves at all times.

Principles of the KS3 Curriculum

Curriculum Subjects are studied at KS3 are: English, Maths, Science, DT, RE, Rural Studies, Computing, Food Technology, PE, Art, PSHCE/SEAL, Careers and Music.


Learning opportunities are provided to take account of individual ability and engagement with learning. Students learn in a range of geographical locations, both within school and the wider community.


The academy and KS3 promotes success for each student and builds self-confidence, self-esteem, trust and understanding of others.


The academy and KS3 promotes success for each student and builds self-confidence, self-esteem, trust and understanding of others.


Health and education work together as Integrated Services to provide the best possible outcomes for each student.


Pupils in KS3 are not permitted to wear (branded and unbranded) hooded jumpers, trainers or jewellery. One small stud in each ear lobe is permitted.


Please inform your child’s teacher if there is a reason that your child is not in full school uniform and ensure that appropriate uniform is acquired as soon as/where possible. 

Organisation of the KS3 Curriculum

KS3 at Weatherfield Academy consists of Years 7, 8 and 9.


Head of Key Stage 3 – Mr W Kydd                          


Deputy Head of Key Stage 3 – Miss C Fisher       


3NP – Mrs N Pollard                                                      


3AC – Miss A Coleman                                                 


3JY – Mr J Young                                                            


3CF – Miss C Fisher                                                        


3WK – Mr W Kydd                                                         


Please feel free to contact your child’s tutor, or ourselves, at any time to discuss any worries or queries you may have. KS3 tutor groups focus on nurturing an understanding of being responsible, learning and developing independent skills. In tutor groups, students undertake targeted English and maths, and tutor time is used to stretch and develop skills. Lesson evaluation focusses on ‘What Went Well’ and ‘Even Better If’ feedback for each individual. Teachers reflect on lessons to ensure that students are making progress.

Reporting to Parents

Parents are provided with a curriculum overview at the start of each term. Achievement data is provided at Parents’ Evening.


On-going formative assessment is important and students and staff evaluate ‘What Went Well’ and ‘Even Better If’ during lessons.


Planning, lesson evaluation and lesson observations are used in conjunction with basic skills to ensure students personalised learning opportunities are relevantly differentiated according to individual needs.


We understand that KS3 is a very important time for you and your child, where they leave childhood behind and start to become young adults. We build KS3 around the needs of your child – so that they, and us, can strive ‘To become the best person you can be’. 


Mr W Kydd, Head of Key Stage 3                                             Miss C Fisher, Deputy Head of Key Stage 3

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