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Learning Pathway

Lower School

‘Ready for Independence

As pupils progress through the Lower School our aim is to ensure they are as independent as possible with their personal hygiene as well as their academic learning. Pupils are encouraged to organise themselves for their lessons as well as manage their own belongings for subjects such as PE.


Across the PSHE curriculum, pupils will be taught how to identify a range of emotions and subsequently appropriate ways to deal with them, identifying things they are good at and what is needed for them to move into KS4. This can include managing peer pressure and friendship groups, puberty changes and how our body may react to these changes, healthy and unhealthy relationships as well as the importance of keeping our hygiene, bodies and minds healthy. Pupils will also explore managing finances, diversity within the community and managing online information appropriately.

Key Stage 4

‘Ready for my Future’

As pupils transition into KS4, an emphasis is placed on pupils to begin to think about their futures, and how they can achieve their aspirations. Pupils are expected to reflect on the progress they have made throughout their time at Weatherfield, therefore demonstrating a mature and positive outlook towards their learning.


Pupils will learn how to identify illnesses in themselves and the steps that can be taken to correct and prevent illnesses from spreading further. Pupils will also be taught how to deal with emergency situations at school as well as at home and in the community. Pupils will also look at home to manage content online and how they can be supported by others’ around them to deal with peer pressure, relationships and their emotions. Pupils will learn how to keep themselves safe in terms of drugs, alcohol, medicinal drugs, relationships and their sexual health including body image. As part of KS4 PSHE pupils are also taught how to live in the community through accepting diversity, managing finances and preparing for adulthood.

KS4 complete a range of accreditations as part of the PSHE curriculum.

Key Stage 5

‘Ready for Work’

As our young people reach KS5 our aim is to prepare them for work and living as independently as possible. 


Pupils are taught the importance of keeping safe, in terms of self-care, drugs, alcohol, relationships both personal and professional, safety in the community as well as building positive relationships with those around them, this may be at work or influences within the community. Pupils are also taught how to manage their feelings more independently and identify the help that is available to young adults including identifying changes within their mental health. 


Pupils are given different opportunities to explore the community around them and the next steps needed for their education or work.

Curriculum Content

Curriculum content shows the topics that each key stage will be working on for the year. Click the key stage you wish to preview.

If you would like further information about our PSHE curriculum please contact Mrs S Payne, Leader of PSHE, via the Academy office or by email:

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