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Learning Pathway

Lower School

‘Ready for Independence

In the Lower School, pupils have a dedicated careers lesson to support them in developing their knowledge and understanding about employment, careers and their own possible future pathways.


Pupils become more involved in setting challenging but realistic goals for themselves in their learning. They begin to recognise what influences their learning and their personal skills and strengths.

Pupils develop a fuller knowledge about the skills they are learning when becoming more independent and how this will help them in their future lives.


Pupils learn about different work in their local communities and begin to recognise different types of work e.g. self-employment, volunteering etc.


A focus on self-expectation is developed with positive affirmations for example reward charts and positive feedback.

Key Stage 4

‘Ready for my Future’

In Key Stage 4  students have dedicated careers lessons to enable them to investigate and research the opportunities for learning and work. 


Students begin to make challenging but realistic plans for their future learning and work. Recognising barriers and how these can be overcome.


To continue to develop an understanding of their own strengths and learning preferences.


Students are given a wide range of opportunities to explore and consider areas of learning or work they may not have considered before.


All students in Key Stage 4 gain the necessary careers advice and guidance in order for them to make an informed choice about their next steps in education or employment.

Key Stage 5

‘Ready for Work’

In Key Stage 5 students continue to learn about their future career pathways enabling them to be ready for work.


The programme of study includes the 6 main areas: -


  • Empowering young people to plan and manage their futures.

  • Responding to the news of the learner.

  • Providing students with comprehensive information and advice.

  • Raising their aspirations.

  • Actively promoting equality of opportunity and challenging stereotypes.

  • Helping our students to progress

Weekly dedicated careers lessons ensure that all students gain the necessary careers advice and guidance they are entitled to. This helps them to make an informed choice about their future career pathways leading to employability for all.

Curriculum Content

Curriculum content shows the topics that each key stage will be working on for the year. Click the key stage you wish to preview.

Enrichment Opportunities

See below links for further opportunities for your child to progress their learning in Careers


Aspire Higher Resources

Aspire Higher - Apprenticeships

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If you would like further information about our Careers curriculum please contact Mrs C Patterson, Leader of Careers, via the Academy office or by email:

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