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The two semi formal classes within KS3 have spent the last half term enjoying learning all about Superheroes, where possible this has been linked to all aspects of learning. Some highlights include: In English finding out about real and imaginary Superheroes and then writing about them. This included story writing, and writing letters to real Superheroes in the community.

In science we have learnt about materials and forces that a Superhero may use and have. We tested what material would be best for a Superhero costume. We then investigated the forces of pushing, pulling and magnetism.

In art lessons we looked at Any Warhol Pop Art and linked our ICT work by drawing in a Pop Art style on a computer.

The topic ended with a ‘Superhero’ day when we had visits from real superheroes of the Police, Ambulance and a Midwife, in the afternoon we walked to the local fire station.

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